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Jun 9, '08, 7:02 PM
Man, that weekend goes by TOO FAST. I got in on Thursday, which is really the way to go, and hit Kinkos on the way to Wheeling to print up some last minute Dida art. Hung out in the Mego suite Thursday night before crashing hard. I spent most of Friday assembling the Dida Displays in the dealer room. Most of Saturday was spent photographing customs for the 1978 catalog, which was fun, but I really missed too much of the Meet. I always have too many projects when I come to this thing---but it was really fun to have 3 days to do Mego work! Makes me happy.

But I had a really great time seeing old friends and making new ones. Always great to see Brian Heiler and Joe deRouen in person since we email pretty much every day for the Museum. Hulk was the master host as usual, Dave and Chris had the event running like a well-oiled machine and are the nicest guys on Earth. Tom and Roberto and Chuck MegoCrazy were major Mego fun. Scott Arendsen and sons, The Earth2Franklin family, Nathan MrDroid and his lovely companion, the AMAZING Art Baltazar...So many neat people. It was nice to finally meet Jim Hampton, who delivered a rocking good Sheriff of Nottingham, and his booth mate Sean Griffin. BatmanMC came through with the GREAT MegoMeet keychain and his brother Ric JemBoy took home my Superfriends Hall of Justice playset as promised... Charlie Balicki was there with tons of tempting Megos but I turned the tables on him and sent him home with some Monster displays, bwahahaha. Ray Miller helped me tremendously in photographing the 1978 stuff--he's awfully nice to us 8 inch fanatics....GarageSale was a very interesting guy as you can tell from his video interviews and life-sized AJ suit, a pleasure to meet him. Dr. Mego was full of promising information about what's in store for EMCE toys, we are definitely in for a terrific year from Doc. David and Jason from Cast-Away are on fire with some swell stuff as well. Austin Hough! The man, the myth, the legend.

And Me? I'm the dork who brought grapes to the Mego Suite.

This is a great event. Every year I ask myself "Am I really going to fly across the country to spend the weekend at the Wheeling Super 8 and in the basement of a weird old building?" and every time I'm really glad I did. The Saturday night restaurant even improved! But the people were great, everyone seemed thrilled to be there, and honestly--if you are a Mego collector there is no better toy show on the planet. It's a room PACKED with Megos.


Jun 9, '08, 8:08 PM
Great pic. how did all those "regulars" sneak in to the custom party? :grin:

Jun 9, '08, 8:17 PM
You sir, put far too much on your plate, great seeing you and sneaking away for lunch.

Jun 9, '08, 8:18 PM
Vader Screwed Robin Outta the Pic.

Jun 9, '08, 8:52 PM
glad you had a great time...but boy did you miss out while you were gone....we had such a party...damn it's not going to work is it....we missed out:cry: great pic

Jun 9, '08, 9:32 PM
Great seeing you again Scott.

Look forward to working with you on the reproheads.com exclusive DIDA playsets. :)

Jun 9, '08, 9:35 PM
I have so got to get to Mego Meet to meet you guys!

Dave Mc
Jun 9, '08, 10:35 PM
I felt bad that Scott had to spend so much time photographing on Saturday, but I will say one thing, I've seen the pics he took for the project, and they are GOOD! :biggrin:

Thanks Scott for taking the time out and spearheading the re:imagined project. The catalog is going to look stellar.

Jun 10, '08, 12:36 AM
It was great to have you there again Scott. Last year you made the MegoSuite nearly smoke free, this year you introduced us to health snacks. Next year I think it might be Salads and Smoothies instead of Chips and Beers. :crazy:

Jun 10, '08, 8:06 AM
No, but next year I'll pay for the organic stripper. :drool_y: