View Full Version : Mego meet #2

Jun 9, '08, 11:49 AM
Well, my second meet is in the books now. I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who attended in helping make this one as special as my first one last year. It really is a treat to see old friends like Paul, Scott, Brian, Ron, Chris, Charlie, Derek, Dave, Tom, Berto, Doc, Chuck, Austin, BL, John, Stephen, David and Jason. And it's even greater to meet people for the first time whom you've known for years and talk to almost daily like Jim, Sean, Chris & Cindy, Scott and all the others who made their frist trip to Wheeling.

Extra thanks for making my sons feel welcomed as well. They had a good time I know and managed to come away with a few things as well (thanks Chuck!). If you have any doubts about this being a family event, don't. It is.

You can put me down for next year right now. See you all at MM09!!

Jun 9, '08, 6:24 PM
Great to see you and the boys again, Scott, and thanks for the awesome custom boxes. I look foward to seeing all of you again next year.

Jun 9, '08, 6:46 PM
Always a pleasure Scott. Glad your son liked em. I know I'm in for 09 as well.

Jun 9, '08, 9:36 PM
Great to see you again my brutha from anutha mutha.

And great to meet your boys. What absolutely nice young men you and Elaine have raised. You should be proud.


Jun 10, '08, 12:31 AM
Great to see you again Scott! Its a long haul from Alabama, glad you had your great kids backing you up this year.

Earth 2 Chris
Jun 10, '08, 8:43 AM
Great to meet you in the flesh pal. We've conversed and traded back in forth so much, I kind of thought I already had! My Earth 2 Robin looks great in your killer box too!