View Full Version : What was the best thing you picked up at megomeet 2008?

Jun 8, '08, 7:07 PM
i wasnt able to attend but am curious to know from the fortunate ones that were there as to what was the coolest thing you picked up at the meet. please share!!! :yes:

Jun 8, '08, 7:12 PM
EASY!!! a bunch of new friends! . . . . . more to follow

Jun 8, '08, 7:30 PM
I bought way, way too much stuff. My favorite though is Dida "Stately Wayne Caverns" playset. Man, it's AWESOME.
Runners up would be:
Tomland Yeti
Excel Wild Bill (been looking for a cheap one for a while)
Plastimarx jane/johnny apollo w/ silver accessories (my plasti's have blue, originals have gold... been looking for these for a minute also. I love Marx color variations!)

Jun 8, '08, 7:35 PM
I completed my Ironman (ala boots gloves belt button)
Got a Human torch out of parts bought. Thanks Traveling Hulk. The grab bag was a great idea and I'm sure all got something special.
AJ stuff to spare.
STuff to put together a kitbash Fantastic 4.
I got to meet Dr. Mego. A great man even if he doesnt believe it himself.
met other great fans of Mego....
Palitoy. who sold me a catwoman months ago and added alot of goodies to the purchase.
again thanks Palitoy.(Im probably getting his SN wrong)
Dave MC looks just like the guy from CSI. I wanted to get pic and tell people He was.
Alot of stuff was bought to keep me customizing/kitbashing for a good while.
Cannot wait til next year!!!!

Jun 8, '08, 7:45 PM
Got lots of goodies
Great DVDs from Joe
Lincoln and AHI Monsters at a great price from Roberto plus he gave me some adventure people stuff for my kids that they ate up
Monster figures from Merlyn
and this too cool item from Art:


Jun 8, '08, 7:47 PM
you guys are making me cry!! :crying: :grin:

Jun 8, '08, 8:10 PM
My favorite thing from MM wasn't a purchase and it was totally unexpected; it was a Dida carrying case, courtesy of Scott! I will take a photo later, but it's three-sided and features his wonderful Mr. Myxie card! :)

My favorite purchase is a tie between Ed Nagy's wonderful Kraven figure, Derek Comb's Silver Surfer (which I won at the custom auction,) and the sketches of my family and I from Art Balthazar! (The sketches were fall less expensive, but just as impressive!)

I picked up some other great customs as well - Mighty Mightor (of course!,) and a Marvel Girl and Silver Surfer (yes, I have two now!) from Brian Leitner.

I regret not getting Jim's Sheriff of Nottingham! By the time I got around to it, they were sold out, and I failed to win the one in the auction!

Dave Mc
Jun 8, '08, 9:31 PM
I did much better than expected. Berto took home most of my cash, but I can't complain one bit, he made me great deals on a couple items that had eluded me for a long time.

The main things I scored were burgandy cuffed and black cuffed Ape generals. Two long time wants. Also picked up a boxed Buffalo Bill and fresh Burke from Berto, my old Burke suffered some sun damage.

Picked up the exclusive figure. Props to Chris for once again bulldogging this through. This is all him, and while he get's help here and there, it's his baby and he always manages to come through with something that sells out.

Bought one of Jim Hampton's Sheriff figures, a cool Mystique custom from Ed Nagy, bought a few parts.

Also brought home a big bag of BK Star Wars toys, donated to my son by Tom Ligotti. Thanks Tom, my son was thrilled.

All in all, a great year for buying for me. My goal is to come away with just enough cash to pay the turnpike fees home, and that's what I did.

Jun 8, '08, 9:43 PM
I wish I could have gotten one of the Sheriff of Noddingham figures, but I did buy the Vampire Hunter D 12" figure I wanted from the raffle from his actual winner. Brian Heiler gave me a recast Popy Ultraman (original) head for my long planned Ultraman custom. Those were the coolest.

My wife won the autographed WGSH book by Ben, which she gave to me! I even found my name in the acknowledgements, which is quite an honor indeed.

Jun 9, '08, 12:43 AM
* New Friends
* A caricature sketch from Art, which is already framed and on the wall at home, and a copy of Tiny Titans #1
* A Mightor Exclusive
* Info from the EMCE Panel - a big "thank you!" to Paul Clarke for making these new Mego figures a reality. I cannot put into words the joy that surged through the barely contained eight year old in me when I held a production sample of the Khan figure in my hands. Great things truly are coming.
* A DQ Hot Fudge Sundae which I had the oddest craving for late Saturday evening

The Sentry
Jun 9, '08, 1:49 AM
My EMCE Star Trek figs I needed.
Tons of heads for future customs.
A buncha CTVT bodies and scary-glow hands for future zombies that are coming soon.
A Shogun Warrior that is in better condition than the one I had.
A beautiful Sigma 6 Spirit (He's my favorite G.I. Joe character and I got him cheap! Thanks Type 3!)
A totally brand new Reproed Iron Man (Tony Stark wouldn't get a vintage peice, he would want the upgraded version!)
A very nice Thor I totally rebulit.
A un-zombied Conan head for my beloved Conan
A nice reproed Riddler costume (only but the best for my favorite Batman villian)
Mighty Mightor (2 for 2 in the exclusive figure department!)
A complete Incredible Hulk cartoon series set (Which I am watching right now!)
Here are the things that brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks to Palitoy I now have an original 12" Hulk box for my very loved Hulk. (He looks "Incredible") Thanks again so much.

The grand finale is actually NOT anything 12" or 8". It's actually from the microverse.
I got ALL of my childhood Micronauts are all back in full strength! My Acroyear is beautiful. Baron Karza is rather scary looking too! Microtron is looking very very choice. I mean I could go on and on. So I won't! Thanks again AcroRay!

Now what I took home with me along with the great buncha swag was fond memories of my precious customs of Bill and Lou in the case, Trappy's wonderfull customs standing proudly on a Star Trek bridge that still has me salavating, and a group of people who made me feel like I was welcome and wanted. Trappy and I both are still so happy we're still high off the rush!

I can't thank you all individually, that would take up too much space. So I will thank you all at once who attended and actually talked with Trappy and I.

Our love and respect goes out to all of you!

Trappy and I can't wait till next year!

Jun 9, '08, 3:37 AM
Time with friends and making new ones is always at the top of the MegoMeet list and this year was certainly no exception.

A sketch of myself from the uber-talented and extremely amusing Art Baltazar may be the best surprise pickup for me. Awww Yeah Man! Thank You Sir!

Customs again played the biggest focus for my purchases, with an emphasis on Superfriends, with Apache Chief and Samurai ala Ron Peritore joining a great Tothlike Batman from Brian Leitner.

I also luckily scored Heath's Zorro with the DaveMC outfit, A cool Namor from Paul Riggs, the great Mummy from Anthony Wedesky (a steal in anyone's book), and of course the exclusive ChrisDVM Mighty Mightor and MegoJim Sheriff of Notthingham.

I also was honored with a 3 sided Hulk Museum Card carrying case that Scott made for me and I will cherish for his generosity forever. He also retrofitted my recently acquired Bridge display with the Transporter Room add on. I can't wait to put it all together.

Lots of other good trades and purchases that were much appreciated. More than I can even remember or mention.

Now I just wish I could have left the hangover at the MegoSuite. Uggh.

Chris DVM
Jun 9, '08, 9:09 AM
I also got a bunch of stuff, but by far two things stick out for me:
1) Thanks to a upgrading deal he made, Dave Mc sold me with an original Zorro hat! 5 years of looking is now officially over - I have an original complete Zorro finally!!!!!
2) Scott's Dida Display with the Mego Cards background. When it comes in, Zorro has a new home.
Chris DVM

Jun 9, '08, 10:43 AM
Minty mint Robin from Derek
Flat 12" Batman box from Brian
Mightor from Chris
Sheriff of Nottingham from Jim
Comic Action Captain America w/shield from Joe
custom suits from BL
custom heads from Austin
MM cards
MM keychain

Earth 2 Chris
Jun 9, '08, 3:15 PM
The best thing I picked up was the sense of camaraderie. Seeing old Mego friends for the first time, and seeing some for the 2nd time (since this was my 2nd meet) really made the weekend special and worthwhile. I especially enjoyed getting to meet the Cast-A-Way duo in the flesh. Two greater guys you won't find. I only wish I'd talked to more people. I'm a bit backward in large groups, and I'm now realizing through these posts that some of my favorite "Mego buddies" were there, I just didn't match up their real names to their online avatar names!

As for material items, Berto came through for me right out of the gate with a nice Magnetic Batman to replace my old beater. What a guy! I also got some other great stuff and won two great raffele lots including a really sweet Marvel Universe book by Stan Lee and Roy Thomas and a smorgashbord of assorted animation cells and drawings, including a Filmation Aqualad drawing! Leaping Lionfish!!!

The worst thing I got was something I brought on to myself; The Star Wars Holiday Special I picked up from an obvious source. You know who you are. I can't believe I willingly brought this piece of celluloid feces into my household. What was I thinking? Andrew did like the wookie family, but he was dumbfounded by the vaudvillian schtick and and variety show antics. No wonder Lucas wants to mindwipe this out of existence!



Jun 9, '08, 3:26 PM

Jun 9, '08, 5:53 PM
Picked up a Lizard Fist Fighter and T1 Riddler from Berto and built a RC Batman from a couple of different sources. Bought a complete Isis and picked up a loose card from Jemboy to go with it. The exclusive was a high on the want list, but ended up getting Chris' repro of the 12" Mightor head, helmet, and club as well. Now i've got em both. Spent a ton with Brian Leitner on custom stuff as well and ordered some more that he had sold out of. Got Ron P's Bizarro from the custom auction and won the Palitoy Hutch figure from the raffle, which I wanted also. All in all a pretty good weekend.

Jun 11, '08, 10:51 AM
Thanks to Roberto I picked up a lot of parts that i needed, plus a few other goodies.

I also grabbed a lot of custom heads and suits as well.

Jun 11, '08, 11:15 AM
Kolin, I recognize some of that stuff! :biggrin:

Jun 11, '08, 11:33 AM
Kolin, I recognize some of that stuff! :biggrin:

You are correct sir. I forgot that the GA & the WW were from Joe. I believe that the 2 type 2 bodies came from Mike.

Mego Milk
Jun 11, '08, 1:59 PM
cool compliments.
the hot dogs were good too.

Jun 11, '08, 2:49 PM
[QUOTE=Earth 2 Chris;156778]I'm now realizing through these posts that some of my favorite "Mego buddies" were there, I just didn't match up their real names to their online avatar names!

I was wondering if this would happen, when I was toying with the idea of going. Would it be too cheesy to wear name tags that show the members name and avatar, so you can identify people more easily?

Just a thought.


Jun 11, '08, 4:17 PM
[QUOTE=Earth 2 Chris;156778]I'm now realizing through these posts that some of my favorite "Mego buddies" were there, I just didn't match up their real names to their online avatar names!

I was wondering if this would happen, when I was toying with the idea of going. Would it be too cheesy to wear name tags that show the members name and avatar, so you can identify people more easily?

Just a thought.


You get printed nametags with your registration. Chris is already working on a new design for next year to make real names and MM names easier read and more visible for next year.

Jun 16, '08, 9:06 PM
yes wyatt they did. the best thing i picked up was a repro supergirl for my niece and a custom lex luthor thomas made. also a nic eupgrade suit for my ironman.

Jun 16, '08, 9:30 PM
I really didn't get much
i didn't buy a bunch of stuff and the 2 more costly items were nice but
the little things are sometimes the best - i grabbed a baggie of cloth AJ emblems cheap. -i am currently collecting him so these are nice