View Full Version : What a blast! (Sunday evening, home & tired!)

Jun 7, '08, 7:09 PM
MegoMeet 08 is over for me (couldn't stay for dinner @ Undo's), and what a fun time! I got to share Micronauts luv helping Sentry rebuild his childhood Micros, and helped out a few other people by 'consulting' as well. John Michaels was kind enough to bring along his two bootleg Nuovi Micronauti for my camera's inquiring lens! Picked up some cool stuff (the Epoch Vampire Hunter D from the raffle, whoo hoo!), heard great stories and updates from Doc Mego (oooh boy!) and Cast-away (The "Ghost Who Walks" also totally rocks!), picked up more great museum cards, some odd parts for my tiny but growing 8" collection (Thanks, Brian, for the Ultraman head!) and a restoration for a friend (Thanks, Hulk, for the emblem!), and lay the groundwork for some more projects in the future. The Toy Museum was, once again, stunning to visit and always with something new at every turn.

So, you don't have to be a full-blown 8" Mego collector to enjoy MegoMeet. You just gotta love Mego, classic toys, and the community.

Thanks DaveMC and all the people who make it happen again. Looking forward to next year! :grin:

monkey tennis
Jun 7, '08, 7:12 PM
Glad you had a good time...can't wait to hear some of the stories about the Meet.

Jun 7, '08, 7:51 PM
sounds like a blast :grin:

Jun 7, '08, 7:56 PM
Glad you had fun, but isn't it only Saturday evening???

Jun 7, '08, 8:14 PM
Darn, your right! I had so much fun I don't even know what day it is now! :juggleyes_y:

Jun 7, '08, 8:28 PM
You know I saw the title of this post and thought "Oh crap, I've missed my flight home!", because you can lose that much time in the MegoSuite. :D

Glad you made it home safe Ray, and good to see you again this year. Hopefully someone got a pic of your Micronauts Repair Bay at the Meet today.

Jun 7, '08, 8:32 PM
Great seeing you again Ray. Glad I could help with your projects. Looking forward to getting that Dracula head done.

Thanks for bringing the Micronauts!

The Sentry
Jun 8, '08, 2:56 AM
Ray, I can't thank you enough, as I said you shined a light on something that was golden in my heart and made it shine once again! I mean I really can't thank you enough. I know my freshly rebuilt Baron Karza will reek havok with the Decepticons! Again Ray thanks so very much again. I am in your debt.

The Sentry
Jun 8, '08, 2:58 AM
Also Austin! It was finally nice to meet/see you in person! Again thanks to YOU, I have the childhood peices I dreamed of having, and it also was a honor for them to stand arm and arm beside your peices! Thank YOU too sir!

Jun 8, '08, 7:57 AM
Ray was also invaluable in helping me photograph customs for the 1978 project. he brought lights and a backdrop and set the whole thing up. Ray , you are the best! Great to see you again.

Jun 8, '08, 9:09 AM
Glad to help, guys!