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Jun 7, '08, 4:10 PM
Well, I guys the meet's over a bit early for me. I had to cut out about 3:30 due to a lot of family responsibilities I have for this weekend.

Sorry I couldn't say good bye to you all but I though it was probably best just to cut out when I got a chance. I don't know where the time went. It went soo fast.

But I did get to meet allot of great fellas whom I've traded with for the past decade and that is priceless. I finally got to put a face to the names Jim Hampton and Sean Griffin after knowing them since, 1997. That is always the best part. I landed allot of pieces to complete figures in my collection and I feel blessed that all this stuff comes my way every year.

I hope you all enjoyed (are enjoying the Ohio Valley) and I hope to see you all again next June.

If I spoke to you about making any online trades/deals coming up, lets get together on that soon. Ron, I still need your email and Jason, we need to talk about Tong. Teachtext, hope you enjoy the history as well as you David Lee.

And Art, if you are lurking around. Awesome ART, I know you ran low on paper so I'll bring some family pics next year (or the whole family) to characterize.

Nice to see my long time Pittsburgh Mego Brotheren ToymanDon (who has all but disappeared from site) and my good buddy Gary.

Nice to chat with you Paul, about the Kahn (I really really want one) Paul Clair HULK, nice to see you, nice Zorro there :wink: DaveMC, keep me on your sewing list. Berto, thanks for the deals on stuff to keep helping me complete my collection. Sean, Thanks for the CA, if you want to talk about any rare figs you may want, lmk before I spend too much more money to complete the darn thing. Good to see you all Scott A and sons. MegoScott, Type3Toys, DavidLee, Gaga4Toys, Jemboy and BatmanMC (numike) , GarageSale, SteelCouch, MegoWGSH Austin, JoeD, Flynne, WannabeeMego, Meanie, StevenMoore, Brue, MisterDroid, ChrisDVM, Acroray, MegoGeek, Brian Lietner, AAAA, Stabilo, Palitoy, Merlyn and all you guys I met and traded with that I don't remember your names. There were allot of folks. Sorry if I exluded you or didn't get to meet you. I made a strong attempt but there were so many there. It was great!

Anthony, Megotu (where are you), Lou, Greg, Dan, Imp, Wee, MarkH., Buk, missed you guys. Still remember how great it was to meet and hang out at past meets. Hope to see you here again some time.

If any of you need any directions or anything I can help with tonight or before you leave, send me a pm. I'll be checking them tonight. Tomorrow, I'll be hosting a graduation party.

Best to you all, and have a safe trip home.