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Jun 7, '08, 6:39 AM
Here's some raw footage of yesterday's fun at the Meet and in the Suite.

Hope everyone enjoys!

Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/user/megoddard)

Part 2 is on the way!


Jun 7, '08, 7:36 AM
Oh Man !!!!!!!!

Just finished watching part-1

FANTASTIC VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the stuff I love to see !!!

I can't wait for part-2 !!!!!!!!!


LUV IT !!!!!!!!!

Jun 7, '08, 8:33 AM
Yeah, really really cool to see this. Thanks for putting this up especially so quickly!

Jun 7, '08, 8:44 AM
Thanks for posting this. This is precisely the kind of video that captures the spirit of the Meet.

Jun 7, '08, 10:13 AM
Thanks for sharing the video,nice to see all the cool stuff and interveiws,can't wait to see the 2nd part.Great job on the video.

Jun 7, '08, 10:38 AM
Cool video, thanks for posting that!

It's weird hearing you guys speak, I just assumed you all had normal accents, but you all sound so foreign!! :silly:

Will :oz:

Evel KMego
Jun 7, '08, 11:04 AM
Awesome video!! Have fun.

Jun 7, '08, 11:19 AM
Great stuff man,thanx for sharing.I love those T3T customs,they're my favorite especially that Hobgoblin one :drool:

Jun 7, '08, 11:23 AM
I remember being pretty blown away by the T3T customs the year I went, they're always pretty awesome :yes:

Jun 7, '08, 11:26 AM
fabulous to see! Thanks!

Jun 7, '08, 12:17 PM
Thanks for posting the video! It's nice to see what happening at MegoMeet.

Jun 7, '08, 12:24 PM
Great video. Thanks for doing this for those of us who didn't make it there.

Jun 7, '08, 2:02 PM
That video is absolutely FUN to watch!

Jun 7, '08, 3:23 PM
interesting to see the vid, much appriciate for the post

im pleased to see thats its a personal more 1 on 1 event, the toy fairs i do here in the uk have like 500-700 dealer tables and it gets around 20,000 over the 2 day event

at events like mine its manic, id love to do an event like the meet, you look like you have more quality time to chat to customers, or even those just interested in your wares
at my fairs its more like a cattle market and you have to keep your eyes on your stuff, it soon turns into a bad weekend if someone walks off with your booty

wish i was there :smiley12:

Jun 7, '08, 3:27 PM
now i know what merlyn looks like..it's cool to put faces with the names, finally....:yes:

Jun 7, '08, 4:13 PM
very nice. Almost entirely unlike not exactly getting a little bit close but in reality missing the event. thanks


Man of Action
Jun 7, '08, 4:49 PM
Great,thanks alot Garagesale..nice to put faces to voices...Part two,Part two,Part two..:grin:

kingdom warrior
Jun 7, '08, 5:54 PM
Fantastic!!!! Thanks for posting this!!! Great to hear and see the guys!

Jun 7, '08, 7:24 PM
Thanks for posting this. Please post more. I could not attend this year. My wife just graduated a few days ago and we had a party today. But, I watched our home movies from MegoMeet07 last night. I wore the custom mego shirt I won last year as we prepared for the party. My wife and I already discussed our plans for next year, which will be my son's first MegoMeet.

Jun 7, '08, 7:51 PM
Having a blast here guys - Didn't know what James was going to do with this video of me and mini-Jesus.

Hey Mom and Dad...I'm on youtube!

Jun 7, '08, 7:55 PM
Having a blast here guys - Didn't know what James was going to do with this video of me and mini-Jesus.

Hey Mom and Dad...I'm on youtube!

you looked great D,I actually thought you were chunkier from pics you've posted before :grin:

Jun 7, '08, 8:00 PM
^^^ Thanks Damian for noticing...I've lost 35lbs and counting...

Jun 7, '08, 8:02 PM
^^^ Thanks Damian for noticing...I've lost 35lbs and counting...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! Great job D,keep it up cause you look great man,I know I said that already but you could really see the difference :2thumbsup: