View Full Version : Greetings from the Suite

Jun 6, '08, 12:46 AM
Just thought we'd send a hello to all from the Mego Suite. Had 16 members arrive early and stop by and say hello. Couple of us still here chillin out, Hulk, DaveMc, Stabilio, johnmiic, and ScottA and myself. Little while longer and then get ready for tomorrow. Have a good one.

Man of Action
Jun 6, '08, 1:50 AM
Well, hows Hulk holding up???it's midnight here in Arizona....:wink:

Jun 6, '08, 1:56 AM
:hello: to all you guys! :smiley12: Have a great time! Look forward to reading your reports. :smile:

Jun 6, '08, 9:26 AM
Sounds like fun :grin:

Jun 6, '08, 9:44 AM
Hey guys be sure to post pics so we can see whats happening at mego meet

Jun 6, '08, 10:02 AM
Great to hear from you! Looking forward to lots of updates!

Jun 6, '08, 11:34 AM
MegoMeet ROCKS!

Jun 6, '08, 11:49 AM
Have fun and post pictures!

Jun 6, '08, 12:56 PM
We Demand Pics

Jun 6, '08, 1:12 PM
Got in thurs. 10pm ish. Though I had to settle for Comfart Inn down the road. A call to the Moto 8 last month revealed you all got the best of the joint. So I'm waiting for 5pm so I can head over and meet all.

Jun 6, '08, 3:03 PM
Nice to hear from you all, have fun, take lots of photo's.

Mr Havoc
Jun 6, '08, 4:10 PM
Hello and yes post lots of pics

Jun 6, '08, 4:19 PM
I have a feeling the first pics will soon be showing up :yes:

Jun 6, '08, 8:26 PM
anyone in the suite?

i am thinking about heading over. -brue

Jun 7, '08, 8:19 PM
In case you are wondering what things look like in the Mego Suite this evening, here's a quick pic:


We're having a great time in the company of good friends and good times. Wish you were here. :grin:

Jun 7, '08, 8:24 PM
I see the chips Hulk mentioned but where are the sodas? :smiley1:

looks like fun guys

Jun 7, '08, 8:38 PM
I'm heading over there in a little bit..

Jun 7, '08, 8:42 PM
Where's the Strippers & Booze ? :smiley1:

Jun 7, '08, 8:44 PM
I said "bit" not "tit"

Jun 7, '08, 8:53 PM
Bros before hos, fellas! :grin:

Seriously though, I can see Molson Ice, Bud, Bud Light, Guinness, and Rolling Rock just from my corner...

Jun 8, '08, 10:50 AM
Any pics of Mightor? :grin:

EDIT: I found my pics of MM '08 Mightor, but it would still be cool to see him at MegoMeet!

- Ian