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Jan 25, '23, 2:37 AM

Dr. Zorma Atomic Apeman (https://www.whiteelephanttoyz.com/product-page/astro-apeman-dr-zorma)
From the deep caverns beneath the ape lurk the Atomic Apeman. Dr. Zorma is the leader of the council of 12. Everything is factory made and built on a type S glow in the dark body. The head glows as well.

2nite I was checking the WHT website and this popped up as coming soon but he did go up $26.99. I cannot wait to get him to take photos in the Frankenstein lab.

Upon looking this igure is based upon the AHI ACTION APE MAN line

Jan 25, '23, 10:33 AM
Out of stock already or just inactive for pre-order?

Jan 25, '23, 11:44 AM
In active, it more like a place marker till they are ready to sell (I hope).

Jan 25, '23, 3:46 PM
In active, it more like a place marker till they are ready to sell (I hope).
correct, Jason said on FB it would be a week or two. Probably the same time as the 12" Combat Man
(which is also listed as inactive) is available.

Jan 26, '23, 8:37 AM
Quickly becoming my favorite figures. They seem to get it and their figures have a real charm to them.

scott metzger
Feb 3, '23, 11:35 AM
27 bucks still isn't bad for something like this. Low run niche products usually run higher. And the quality has been there on the figures I've gotten, so it's worth it.

Feb 3, '23, 11:39 AM
That's pretty neat!

Feb 3, '23, 11:48 AM
I'm not digging the prehistoric versions as much, but the Ape-cause must be supported and the custom potential is rock-n-roll! ;)

Feb 3, '23, 9:28 PM

With those fur suits this would look so much better...