View Full Version : Captain Action "Official" For Sale - Wanted - Trade Thread

Dec 7, '21, 1:39 PM
For all of the Captain Action fans, here is the official For Sale - Wanted - Trade thread!

Post up your Captain Action wish lists and for sale lists here.

Overall this is under the approval of the gracious Mego Museum admins and I would like to point everyone to their guidelines I have linked below.

Mego-Museum-Marketplace-Guidelines-PLEASE-READ-BEFORE-POSTING-ANYTHING (http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?33583-Mego-Museum-Marketplace-Guidelines-PLEASE-READ-BEFORE-POSTING-ANYTHING)

Dec 7, '21, 1:40 PM
I'll start this out with this, but will add more shortly.

Phantom parts, $20

Dec 7, '21, 7:29 PM
I'm looking for a CA Aquaman mask, the CA/knock-off blow-mold Aquaman, and a Playing Mantis boxed Flash Gordon.

Possibly Dr. Evil accessoreis, too--and a minty CA Action Cave playset.

Dec 13, '21, 6:00 PM
Looking for (in C9 and above condition):

1) steve canyon

- parachute x2
- set of boots
- mask

2) Dr Evil

- sandals x1
- lab pieces:

* hypogun FOUND,
* eye w/ cover and base

3) action boy space suit

- chest emblem (good repro ok)

5) tonto

- bow with string in tact

6) sgt. fury

- clean shaven version of mask, no splits

7) phantom - complete

8) blue lone ranger

- shirt
- pants

that's it for now.... =)