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May 30, '08, 12:41 PM
I've been slowly making characters from the 1966 Batman TV series (though nothing as extensive or good as Thomas has done). I've tried to keep these customs as Megolike as possible, so you'll notice that the parts used are either orignal Mego or Mego repros. Even the cape is made from vinyl material.

Parts: Original Mego WOZ Glinda head, CTVT female body (that's why she's standing strangely), Doc Mego cowl, belt, purple bodysuit, gloves and boots, my handmade cape.


May 30, '08, 12:45 PM
Wow! I want one like that for my daughter. That is SO cool!


monkey tennis
May 30, '08, 12:51 PM
That is very nice, love the bright colours

May 30, '08, 12:59 PM
sweeeeeet!!! she looks super cool :grin:

May 30, '08, 1:30 PM
Now THAT'S Batgirl! Bat-tastic!

May 30, '08, 2:17 PM
That Looks Great ! Very cool. Kuddos.

May 30, '08, 4:54 PM
Very cute. Nice one.

May 30, '08, 5:18 PM
Really cool, and Mego all the way.

May 30, '08, 9:15 PM
Very Cool! The only thing I ever liked about the old Batman series was Batgirl and Catwoman and I love the way you did Batgirl. I wish Mego made her with purple instead of grey.

kingdom warrior
May 30, '08, 9:25 PM
Now that's way cool and very mego like!! awesome!

The Bat
May 31, '08, 6:15 AM
Very Nice! Very Megoesque.:yes:

May 31, '08, 6:29 AM
superb Mike

May 31, '08, 3:22 PM
I like what I see. Can you make a bigger picture?

May 31, '08, 5:07 PM
She sure is a beauty Mike, you did her proud :applause:

May 31, '08, 6:39 PM
She looks great Mike. Can you post pictures of your other Batman TV customs?

May 31, '08, 6:42 PM
Shes gorgeous :wink:

Action Martin
Jun 1, '08, 8:15 AM
I love it! I've been thinking about adding a repro Batgirl to my collection but after seeing your's, I want the tv Batgirl.

Didn't the 70s Filmation "New Adventures of Batman & Robin" feature a purple Batgirl?

Jun 1, '08, 10:14 AM
Nice job, I really like the use of Glenda's head. I like her red hair color much better than the original Mego Batgirl's fire red.

Jun 1, '08, 12:14 PM
Looks pretty good. I look forward to seeing the rest of your customs as they are completed.

Jun 1, '08, 3:42 PM
She looks great Mike. Can you post pictures of your other Batman TV customs?

Thanks for the compliment. So far, these are the only other two 1966 Batman customs I've made. I am working on Joker, Penguin and the Riddler, though.

Jun 1, '08, 3:44 PM
She sure is a beauty Mike, you did her proud :applause:

Thanks, Thomas. I keep going back to your customs to get ideas and to just plain drool.

Jun 2, '08, 8:24 AM
Super work again Mike - she just oooozzes Mego!

Jun 2, '08, 11:04 PM
Purplicious. That is the best looking Glinda I've ever seen. Great job!

Jun 3, '08, 2:11 PM
Looks good and Megoish

Jun 3, '08, 10:01 PM
WOW! I love the Mego goodness and I like the purple color a lot.

Mar 3, '15, 5:56 PM
Worth a second look IMO--a sharp Megoesque figure.

Mego Magyar
Mar 3, '15, 7:55 PM
Glad this thread got bumped, that's great.

Mar 3, '15, 9:12 PM
Love it. Simple and very Mego-like!

Mar 3, '15, 9:25 PM
Very nice use of the Glinda head, better than what Mego came up with back in the day, just an awesome
piece, great costume and colors, Batman and Robin look very cool too.

Mar 3, '15, 10:06 PM
She looks great!

Mar 4, '15, 11:13 AM
Thanks guys! Now I'm looking forward to what FTC comes up with.

Mar 4, '15, 11:54 AM
Did you add to the cowl or is that black paint around her eyes?

Mar 4, '15, 3:20 PM
The mask is a piece of black vinyl glued to the cowl. It overhangs her eyes.

Mar 5, '15, 10:06 PM
Wow! She looks really fantastic (as do the '66 Batman and Robin)!!

Mar 6, '15, 5:43 AM

Wow! She looks really fantastic (as do the '66 Batman and Robin)!!

Mar 6, '15, 1:36 PM
Now I'm inspired to pull out the purple cowl and boots I ordered from Doc like a year ago and get crackin' on my own! Thanks!