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Jun 7, '07, 10:42 AM
I've just installed a new user gallery. The old one is still available (http://www.megomuseum.com/gallery) but will soon we locked. Images will still be viewable, but you won't be able to upload any new ones.

The new gallery completely integrates with the new forums. No longer do you have to maintain a separate login. (This also eliminates the problem of non-members taking up valuable space in the gallery!)

There are now some much-needed limits to the gallery -

Registered users are limited to 1MB of space; once a user reaches 500 posts, they get 5MB of space. Hopefully, by limiting the space, this should encourage users to delete no longer needed images. Limits may be revised, changed, lowered or raised at my discretion.
There are now public galleries that anyone can upload to, as well as private galleries. You may create one private gallery (it will be your user name) and up to nine sub-categories beneath your main category. (Again, this may be changed at our discretion.)
You can set your private galleries to be viewable by other members or truly private. You can also "close" images so that, until you decide to change it, no one else can see them.
You can now comment on and rate pictures. (If this gets abused, away it goes!)
The new gallery gives clear, easy-to-use links for both inserting images into your forum posts and for linking to them from eBay or other places.
All of the member categories are separated alphabetically - no more scrolling for hours to find that specific image you want to see!
Images are now searchable. At your discretion, you can even add keywords when you upload images to make them easier to fine for others.
Slideshow. Want to see all the images in a specific category in slideshow format? Now you can!
You can now subscribe to images. If an image changes, you'll know.There are probably other new points I should cover, but that's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions, just ask!


Jun 8, '07, 2:34 AM

Is there a link to the new gallery yet? I don't see it but sometimes I miss the obvious.

Also I am confused as to what the true size of an uploaded pic is. When I store a picture on my HD it is compressed in jpg form. So a file I upload may be 32k but when I open it in Photoshop it says like 900 kb. Which is the figure you go by? Does using A Mac vs. PC make the difference?

In the old User Gallery a large image will display as a smaller, resized image until you click on it. Then you get the full size. Doesn't that mean the old gallery was storing 2x's as many photos as was actually needed?

Jun 8, '07, 2:37 AM

Is there a link to the new gallery yet? I don't see it but sometimes I miss the obvious.

To the right of the arcade link: "User gallery", then choose "Gallery Directory"

Jun 8, '07, 8:12 AM
Wow. I swear I was thinkin about this just yesterday. In particular, how useful it would be to have subsections so you didn't have to go through every picture to find what you are looking for. All of the new features seem very useful...great news...thanks Joe!

Jun 8, '07, 9:42 AM
Thanks Muele but this is what I see on the banner of links:

User CP FAQ Chat Members List Calendar Arcade Search New Posts Mark

Forums Read Open Buddy List Log Out Statistics

I don't see a link to any User Galleries. But I am using old software.

Jun 8, '07, 9:51 AM
John - refresh your cache. It's there, but it disappeared briefly when I was playing with it, and I have a feeling you logged on then and it's stayed that way because your cache hasn't reloaded. Or maybe, since it's a drop down menu, it's a java issue. Do you have java enabled?

The direct link to the gallery is:

http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/ (http://megomuseum.com/community/../mmgallery/)

On image sizes, whatever it says on your hard drive should be correct.

On resized images, both galleries make thumbnails. It does take up more storage space on the hard drive, but it takes less bandwidth because the thumbnail is smaller, takes less time to load, and most users will only click on the images they really want to see, thus only viewing full size for those. Make sense?


Jun 8, '07, 12:24 PM
I'll see what I can do with my Cache`. Not sure how to refresh it tho. I don't want to lose stored passwords from other sites.

That seems to make sense.

Jun 8, '07, 1:00 PM
Switching from theme to theme seems to bring up new stuff that has been changed and or modified....

Jun 12, '07, 12:15 PM
FIRST -I appreciate having a gallery period.

However it took some time to figure out how to add a folder then how to add a sub folder then I realized that after 5 pictures half the space was ysed up then it was hard to fin how to delete pictures or folders

currently i am having trouble changing my preferences from requiring a password to not requiring one
(i had a password because I thought it was for aminstering my photos/folders - i didn't know it was for permission to view)

i think the verbage for items is a little vague and the gallery info id too overwhelming with possibly some stuff that just doesn't need to be there

is ther going to be a tutorial added or a refitting of the links and pages once difficulties are discovered?

Jun 12, '07, 12:26 PM
Hi Brue,

Write a tutorial, and I'll put it up! :)

Nothing is perfect. The space limits I'm sure are a pain, but very necessary from my standpoint.

I'll look at the password thing and see if I can fix it for you.


Jun 12, '07, 12:50 PM
Thanks Joe,

If I get it all figured out I will post a 'Help' thread.

Right now the link for Gallery directory in the banner abovepoints to the old gallery. The same of the Main Gallery link in the new galleries. They were going to th new one until today.

Jun 13, '07, 1:30 PM
I've started some FAQ entires about the gallery. To see them click on 'FAQ.'