View Full Version : Why so high?

Sep 14, '21, 3:51 AM
Have I missed something, apart from it being graded.


Blue Meanie
Sep 14, '21, 10:32 AM
Nope, you didn't miss anything. Collectables market has gotten STUPID. Especially with "Investors / Speculators" that have no right getting into this stuff. I just can't wait til the rubber bands inside snap and that graded figure is useless and worthless lol.

Sep 14, '21, 4:04 PM
The graded stuff has gotten ridiculous. I could care less about graded figures but I bid on a POTA Galen graded 90 a couple of weeks ago hoping to get a real nice one that I could break out of that case and put in my own display case. It sold for $2,950.00 !!!???

Sep 15, '21, 4:30 AM
Also thought there might be some dodgy dealings, but looks like seasoned bidders.