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May 28, '08, 10:49 PM
I really don't belong in such company but this seemed to be the most logical place to post this.

The Knock Knock Toy Company (AKA Jim Hampton) is proud to present The Sheriff of Nottingham.

A 20 figure run availlable exclusively at MEGO MEET 2008. $35 and One will be available through the custom auction.

CLICK on the pic to see more!!

http://www.knockknocktoys.com/sheriffpkgf.jpg (http://www.knockknocktoys.com/sheriff.html)

The Bat
May 29, '08, 4:41 AM
That's a pretty cool idea Jim! They didn't really make a Villan for Robin Hood did they?

David Lee
May 29, '08, 8:32 AM
Nice! Jimbo... I need one of those, for the Men in tights to whup up on :smiley3:
These will be availiable at the MEET? That's a more than fair price point I know they will go fast so I'll be ready with cash in hand!


May 29, '08, 1:44 PM
Great looking figure Jim.


May 29, '08, 4:11 PM
He fits in perfect with the others. Strange Mego didn't think of this themselves