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May 27, '08, 9:27 PM
Evaluating the submissions were the project coordinators myself, Brian Heiler, Dave McCormick. Special Museum Member panelists were Rob Chatlin and Scott Arendsen. Special Guest panelists were former Mego employees Harvey Zelman and Tory Mucaro. We are thankful for our guest panelists participation. I will post more of the commentary shortly as well as the plan for putting the catalog together.

Because of the late date, I think this is best: If your work is on this list and you are coming to Mego Meet, please bring your entries along for the display and to photograph. If you are not, we can make arrangements to photograph them later or work with your own photography or whatever we need to do. If you can still get them to Dave in time, though, that'd be great, since we will be displaying them as a group at the Meet.

The method:
Each of the 7 panelists was asked to review the submissions and list their 15 favorite entries. Entries getting 2 votes and more will be included in the final catalog.

7 Votes
Star Wars by DaveMc
Star Trek Extension by Captain Dunsell and DaveMc (crew and aliens)

6 Votes
Scoobydoo by MegoSpidey
Superman Phonebooth by MegoScott

5 Votes
Super Buddies by MegoScott
R2D2XL by Starbuk

4 Votes

WG Super Foes by Austin megowgsh
Star Trek Enterprise by megoscott
Batman 1966 by Meule
Wizard of Oz by MikeOz
Superman Movie by Austin megowgsh
Vulcan Explorer by megoscott

3 Votes

Plastic Man by Toyroom
Fortress of Solitude by Toyroom
Land of the Lost by Highquality and Starbuk
Kiss by Boss
World of Batman playset by megoscott
8 inch Buck Rogers
Movie Captain America by megowgsh
Universal Monsters by Meule
WGSH 2 Packs by The Toyroom
Flash and Green Lantern--Steve Moore


2 Votes

TV Hulk by Sentry
Superboy by Hulk
TV Shazam by mego73
Toyroom WGSH Hawkman

1 votes
World's Greatest Authors by Meule
Disco Don and Dinah-Mite by Starbuk
Movie Superman Playset by Megoscott
Gladiator by Hulk
Battlestar Galactica


Thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent and thank you for your patience with the twists and turns of this project.

May 27, '08, 9:30 PM
Here are comments from the two Mego employees:

Tory Mucaro----

Okay, I got a chance to review the entries and I must say I was very
impressed. There are some very talented folks out there keeping the
Mego dream alive. All those that participated should be congratulated for a
wonderful effort. After careful consideration, here are my top fifteen
picks in no particular order:

1. Superboy by Hulk - Just beautiful executions and great concept, what
Superman enthusiast wouldn't want one?

2. Superman Phone Booth by Megoscott - Great idea and execution, very

3. Fortress of Solitude by Toyroom - Like the Phone Booth very

4. World of Batman by Megoscott - Another great playset idea!

5. Batman 1966 by Meule - Being a huge fan of the old TV series, I
have purchased every one! And the execution on these is flawless.

6. TV Hulk by The Sentry - One Mego definitely should have done.

7. Star Trek Wave 4 by Captain Dunsel - A natural line extension,
beautifully executed, great likenesses!

8. Star Trek Vulcan Explorer by Megoscott - Damn cool and great play
value, seems Mego missed the boat by not producing it.

9. Star Wars by Dave Mc - If only! As we all know, Mego dropped the
big time with this, but these look great, could have easily passed for
production pieces.

10. R2D-2XL by Starbuk - And if Mego wasn't asleep at the switch and
the Star Wars license this would have been a natural. Great idea!

11. Buck Rogers 8" Figures by Mefiboschet - Would have made much more
sense than the 12" line. Nice work scaling them down!

12. Wizard of Oz by Mikeoz - Perfect line extension and beautifully

13. Kiss 8" by Boss - Not sure why Mego didn't do these, but they look
great and would have sold well I think.

14. Universal Monsters by Meule - Another "Why didn't they do them"
concept. Love the packaging.

15. Scooby Doo by Megospidey - This most certainly would have been a
seller, might have even kept the company going!

Again, all of the entries were very cool, and I feel privileged to have
had the opportunity to see them and give my opinion, for what it's


Mr Zelman was short and to the point in his responses. :smile:

His general thinking was this: When people took the existing old Mego figures and just changed the outfit, I do not look at that as being creative.

When I look at something and see a new outfit, Face painting or concept, that means that a lot of thought and effort went into doing the project.

Batman 66: Very Creative something Mego would do
WGSH 2 Packs: Very Mego looking..good
Vulcan Explorer: Very Mego Looking
Enterprise: Very Mego Looing
Star Wars" Good Very Mego Looking
PlasticMan: Good very mego looking
Fist Fighters: Very good and very Mego looking
Universal Monsters: My Favorite very creative and Mego looking really
moved me
Land of Lost: Good
Megowgsh: Good very Mego Looking
MovieSuperman: Good
MovieCapt America: Good very mego looking
Gladator: Good very Mego looking
Worlds Greatest
Authors: Very Good.tied for my #1 and Very Mego Looking

May 27, '08, 9:35 PM
Congrats to all the participants

May 27, '08, 9:57 PM
that's awesome!

May 27, '08, 11:04 PM
Congrats to all . . . really great stuff!! can't wait to see the finished product!

Oh, and Kudos to the MM staff for this great idea!


May 28, '08, 3:32 AM
Big thank you to Mr. Zelman :grin: :grin: :grin:
And Mr. Mucaro and all the others too of course

monkey tennis
May 28, '08, 5:18 AM

Well done everyone.
I have loved seeing this project grow...worth the price of admission alone :biggrin:
I'd love to see the finished pictures.
To all the talanted people that have worked hard on this labour of love
I'd like to thank you all for the childhood wishes that have almost come true.


May 28, '08, 11:15 AM
congrats to all the winners and also to everyone who participated...cant wait for the catalogue...now where's my glue and scissors...

The Sentry
May 28, '08, 11:35 AM
WOW! Thank you Tory Mucaro! I'm so pleased he liked it! Plus I got 2 votes! I didn't expect any! This has TOTALLY made my day!

May 28, '08, 1:31 PM
:applause: Fantabulous job everyone! You all should be very proud! I know I am! :hokay: :grouphug:

May 28, '08, 2:07 PM
congratulations to everyone!!! Very impressive project idea (RE:IMAGINE) and execution by all involved!! I have enjoyed being a spectator. :-)

May 28, '08, 8:58 PM
The work and creativity really is wonderful and inspiring. Those of you receiving kudos from former Mego employees must be positively thrilled.

The props are well deserved.


Evel KMego
May 28, '08, 9:37 PM
Awesome job by all!!

May 28, '08, 9:46 PM
Somebody at Mego thinks I have good ideas. :biggrin:

That'll show everyone, when they said, "Shut Up Heath".

May 28, '08, 10:55 PM
i was wondering how the panelist felt about voting with thier stuff there. i would have felt wierd. great job by all the entries had to be tough being a judge. mike

May 28, '08, 11:43 PM
I worried about it a little, sure. I obviously feel I was objective and fair. If the votes had been closer I would have recused myself.

May 29, '08, 9:51 AM
Congratulations to all. This is such a great idea and everyone who participated, deserves thanks for making it such a success.

I can't wait to see the finished catalog.


May 29, '08, 12:17 PM
Congrats to all that participated, all entries were truly great! Btw -- it is very cool that former Mego Employees got to see your work. :smile:

May 29, '08, 11:47 PM
I am honored by Mr Murcaro's comments. Very cool.

May 30, '08, 10:22 AM
This was an awesome project that I hope will be repeated in the future. Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work, there were some truly outstanding ideas and I enjoyed watching this come together.

Earth 2 Chris
May 30, '08, 11:44 AM
Great job guys! And what a compliment to get kudos from the real folks at Mego! Congrats!


Jun 2, '08, 3:27 PM
Congrats to all you talented people involved in this. And thanks to those who put it together. It was so much fun seeing this come to fruition.

Jun 2, '08, 10:59 PM
Congratulations to everyone who entered, it was all very interesting!