View Full Version : how stiff is sgt fury's uniform?

Jan 28, '21, 1:18 AM
is it stiff as it it could stand up if you rested it against the side of bookcase or is it "limp" as it would just fall over. I'm trying to gauge whether or not I need the uniform I have is one that I don't have to upgrade as it seems thin to me.... =)


Neutron X
Jan 28, '21, 11:20 PM
They were made in same factory as 60s Gijoe Camo Marine uniform. Hasbro got upset that Ideal used same fabric as Gijoe.

Jan 29, '21, 9:38 AM
I've never seen one stiff. Pretty much standard cloth jumpsuit inline with GiJoe as Ed mentioned above.

Jan 30, '21, 3:10 AM
ok, thanks guys. I guess my uniform will do.