View Full Version : My mego meet experience 2020.

Jul 12, '20, 10:37 PM
So mego meet came and went. It was the first time I missed mego meet since mego meet existed. I always look forward to it as my weekend with my daughter. I look forward to seeing my mego family. Unfortunately the corona was a buzzkill.

I did have the opportunity to get together with Austin hough Scott Pierce and Dan Pearson. we met at Dan's place. His toy collection and display is quite impressive. Scott brought some customs that he had which are wickedly cool. Austin boxes of customs and showed off some cool things he had just purchased recently. I drove the jokermobile and we ate a restaurant together. Austin offered to pay and Scott picked up the tip. Pretty awesome for cheapskate like me.

I bought an item for Chad Gordy and something for Steve more earlier this year to deliver at the meet. Both items I came across and thought they were perfect.
Maybe I will actually mail them. Of course Steve only lives 20 minutes away so I suppose I could deliver it myself, but that requires a whole other level of effort.

We have lily's 2019 kids custom on display in our entryway at our house. "Penguin's sexy day off." That reminded me that we didn't make a custom this year. I asked Lily if she would do one with me. I think she said she will because she thinks it will make me happy. She is not wrong. I will post what we come up with. Maybe others can post similar customs. things that you make from what you have available is kind of what the me go meet custom is. It is not a project you spend months working on and order pieces for it.

Lily got her driver's license and was looking forward to driving the Volkswagen karmann Ghia I just restored to the meet. Even though it is not me go related. it would be pretty cool to paint the spider webs on it to make it like the spider mobile. It is red.

Anyhow, I am sad we didn't get together. But I am looking forward to seeing you next year- Even John Farley who lived through the corona ( unless he dies falling off a ladder. Which it's not unlikely.)

Jul 12, '20, 10:54 PM
Your recap is making my soul ache.

I like the custom idea. Cip and I were talking about trying to build something, but have not nailed an idea just yet. He usually comes up with it on the drive, so maybe we will just have to go drive around the block until inspiration hits. Might be 800 times around the block.

Jul 12, '20, 11:00 PM
Ach, that's so true, Rche. My partner has commented several times about the meet, and Brue's post has reminded me how much I miss you you all. I lke the custom idea, too.

Thanks also for the recap Brue--sounds like it was a fun mini-meet.

Jul 15, '20, 9:08 AM
Ahhh the post Mego Meet adulation just another knife through the heart of Mego Meet 2020... June 2021 can’t get here fast enough... The Bronx missed you all!!!

Jul 17, '20, 9:42 PM
I got bits and pieces this year. About a month a half before the meet I scored by "big" purchase for the year, this time a carded Riddler. The customary photo was taken. Once the week came around I was off anyway so I did my best. Wore a Mego themed T-shirt every day. Watched a lot of toy content on You Tube. Did my yearly listen of the old Mego Museum podcast episode where Chris Johnson discusses the Meet. Finally participating in the customs auction on Ebay felt "right" Winning the piece I wanted (12 inch Spider-Women) at least give me that weekend high and a momento for the year. Looking forward to next year!

Jul 17, '20, 11:02 PM
I forgot to say 2 things

Thanks for all your effort in planning this MC Hammer.

And I had a great costume idea that will have to wait. I did wear my iron fist costume (part of it) to Dan's house.