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The Toyroom
May 22, '08, 7:14 AM
"Da Da Da Da...da da da..."

Just in time for all of the Indy customs that'll be hitting today...:smiley1:


May 22, '08, 7:32 AM
Very nice looking card. Looks just as good if not better than something that I would see hanging on the pegs in the local toy departments. I like The Raider's series as I have seen all of the movies up until now. Even though I liked the series for the most part I never really considered myself a huge fan. I have liked Harrison Ford since I first seen him on the original Star Wars. He is a good actor. Nice work on the card. You do amazing work! :cool_y:

May 22, '08, 9:22 AM
Wow, nice work. As soon as I can find a correct scaled hat I'll be making one.

May 22, '08, 9:26 AM
Excellent card! I really like the filmstrip on the back of the card.

May 22, '08, 9:50 AM
nice one.

May 22, '08, 9:59 AM

May 22, '08, 10:23 AM
That is a sweet card :drool:

monkey tennis
May 22, '08, 10:35 AM

May 22, '08, 11:23 AM
Thats real Great Anthony. Love all the Images you used for the Card Art. Congrats & Kuddos.

May 22, '08, 3:41 PM
Great card Anthony

May 22, '08, 4:17 PM
Damn fine job. I actually have a custom Indy head, guess now is as good a time as any to get started :grin:

Dave Mc
May 22, '08, 4:48 PM
That's great Anthony. Just as it should have been if it had happened.

The Bat
May 22, '08, 5:38 PM
Just AWESOME!! Great work Anthony!!:clap:

kingdom warrior
May 22, '08, 10:32 PM
That's just freekin awesome!!!!

May 23, '08, 5:14 AM
Very nice indeed.