View Full Version : Update 5/8/2020

EMCE Hammer
May 8, '20, 5:07 AM
I've been getting a lot of requests for reschedule dates for Mego Meet. As of now there aren't any, and there's no guarantee that there will be for this year. Until we have a better sense of when Canada travel restrictions will be lifted and when full assembly of large groups will be permitted in Ohio we can't really lock down new dates. By the time we do know, it may be too late. I will get refunds out this coming week, I simply did not have the bandwidth to process this week.

I am working on some virtual ideas with Chris Noon our trusty auctioneer. We do plan to go forward with the bandwidth benefit bonanza auction, tentatively still on for June 20th, just online using Big Toy Auction. More to come on that in the next few days.


May 8, '20, 6:11 AM
Thank you for your hardwork and all you do

May 8, '20, 6:59 AM
A tough call, my heart goes out to you. You truly are essential Steve.

Random Axe
May 8, '20, 7:26 AM
Steve, I wasn't really trying to bug the crap out of you on this so I hope that I didn't pressure you into giving information before you were ready. I just needed to let my work know my vacation plans for the rest of the year. I figured there was a 15 percent or less chance of rescheduling this year. MY plan is to finally get with the times and buy a webcam and interact that way as a placeholder till w can gather. If I don't totally screw it up and get banned from the internet I'll do toy reviews, rants and debut some RandomNoir stuff and maybe do flash sales.

May 8, '20, 10:08 AM
Thank you, you know my Heart is totally behind this event whether it is or is not happening, Totally behind any decisions you guys make... If it ultimately doesn’t go off it will only mean Next year’s event will be bigger and better!!!

May 8, '20, 1:14 PM
Thx for all you do in this realm.
You can count on me for a donation to whatever the customs auctions looks like.

May 8, '20, 2:23 PM
Although I am utterly devastated that Mego Meet is cancelled, I would still like echo everyone's sentiments and say...
Thank you for all you do to Make Mego Meet Great! I am positive that you will Make Mego Meet Great Again next year! :grin:

May 9, '20, 2:06 AM
While this gives me time to perfect my custom, I must admit I am absolutely devastated that it's yet another fun event I am missing this year. Still, safety over fun. And with states reopening earlier than they should, I anticipate things getting way, way worse long before they get better.

May 10, '20, 11:10 PM
Have Mego Meet in July!

Earth 2 Chris
May 11, '20, 10:43 AM
^Sadly, little will have changed, and in facts things could be worse with premature reopenings.


May 11, '20, 1:53 PM
Yeah, sad to say, but it would just be a waste of effort and money for Steve to try rebooking a different month (if even possible) to just have to cancel it again. I'm sure the poor guy has a life. :wink: There are way too many unknowns and moving pieces right now, best to put everything on hold for awhile until we see how it all shakes out.

May 11, '20, 3:15 PM
All I know is that the next time we're all able safely to get together for a Meet that I will be there and ready to hang out with all my friends once again, wherever and whenever that might be.

May 13, '20, 8:36 AM
We could reschedule mego meet 2020 to run concurrently with Mego Meet 2021 and call it Mego Meet 20 and 21: Killng two birds with one stone or Mego Meet 2020: Hind sight

May 13, '20, 9:01 AM
We could reschedule mego meet 2020 to run concurrently with Mego Meet 2021 and call it Mego Meet 20 and 21: Killng two birds with one stone or Mego Meet 2020: Hind sight

Mego Meet 20/21: When Will Then Be Now? (Of course the Exclusive Custom would have to be Spaceballs themed)


May 14, '20, 5:25 PM
That would be cool to do flash sales.

May 18, '20, 3:46 PM
I'm all for :

1. Online Saturday Auction
2. Online Saturday Sales Page(s) in the Facebook Mego Mania or Facebook CustomMego page for anybody ( looking at you bronxboykev and randomnoir) who wants to offer up
their already made / in progress Mego Meet 2020 figures
3. A Virtual Custom Contest / Album on the MegoMuseum Page that Friday ( June 19th?) with a winner picked in all categories
( youth, adult, etc)

Basically move as much of it as you can to be virtual online, so that we can still have a get together!!!

I mean, I was gonna spend the money this year anyway....? :shrugs

Jun 3, '20, 9:52 PM
Mego Meet 2020 not happening this year became real for me today - I cancelled my hotel reservations for my trip. I am really sad.

Two weeks from today I'd be in Columbus with my extended family. I realize it's the right and only call - but still. It's depressing.

Jun 3, '20, 10:30 PM
ditto brother

Jun 4, '20, 4:13 AM
Mine came to the harsh reality last week when I cancelled my Suburban rental... and again last night as I received the pieces that would have completed what Would have been One of my Mego meet projects

Random Axe
Jun 4, '20, 5:55 PM
We still have the forums and for real time we have facebook. That's a great outlet for when we cannot be together physically. I know I've always got friends I can reach out to for anything, rants, jokes and whatever custom nonsense I create. So while this was the right thing to do and it's rather painful, next year will be that much better with 14 months to plan it out. I know our table is going to be absolutely sick with new stuff so I'll work to that end. Some of us have found a way to get together on a much smaller scale...