View Full Version : Non-Submission: Little House on the Prairie

May 21, '08, 3:25 AM

monkey tennis
May 21, '08, 5:38 AM
Very cool...
I used to have that sheep :embarassed:

I like the soft look hat

May 21, '08, 1:46 PM

May 21, '08, 1:50 PM
Oh...Nellie. Now you're talking...:heart:

May 21, '08, 2:40 PM
that's pretty cool dude :grin:

May 21, '08, 5:00 PM
I think these should be allowed in to the contest...they are great, and definitely something Mego might have done (I would be willing to bet that they seriously considered doing a little house line somewhere in time).

Bizarro Amy
May 23, '08, 8:32 AM
This would have been a great line for Mego. I could have seen my parents buying these for me, because read the books as well as watched the show.

Earth 2 Chris
May 23, '08, 8:56 AM
Little House was much more uplifting than the depressingly dreary Waltons. And the earlier setting would have made for a better toyline. Nice job!


May 23, '08, 9:10 AM
You nailed his pants, extra high with the suspenders. Love it.

What about Albert when he got all strung out in the "big city".
His overdose bloody nose scene still creeps me out.