View Full Version : Afraid I'll be missing this year's meet

scott metzger
May 4, '20, 7:48 AM
Been waiting to hear of any official status, and took the cancellation of the Hall of Fame dinner as a sign, but I'm going to be missing the meet this year. There's folks I look after who are definitely in the danger categories, so I can't take chances of passing anything on to them. It's the thing I've looked forward to the most the past three years, and I do intend to hit Columbus next year with a vengeance. Everyone stay safe.

May 4, '20, 12:18 PM
Steve made the call last week. It's in more of a TBD stage than outright canceled.

May 7, '20, 7:20 AM
Scott do whats best for you and yur family . The meet will be there when your back

May 7, '20, 4:35 PM
yup, gotta do what ya gotta do bro. We're all in the same boat. Metaphorically that is.

Random Axe
May 7, '20, 5:46 PM
We all may be missing this year's meet! Let's see if there Is a 2020 plan B. I'd love to know sooner rather than later so I can make adjustments to my remaining vacation time this year. On the plus side I've been able to order an Ultraman mask. I gotta be me!