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May 20, '08, 11:13 AM
Author: Scott Adams (MegoScott)
Line: WGSH
Toy Execution: Custom Artwork in Dida Displays
Packaging Execution: None
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Scott Adams

Notes: I was on the fence for a long time about submitting it because the Wayne Foundation was part of the 1978 Catalog and I wasn't sure it was right to replace a classic playset with this one.

However. This set aims to fix my biggest complaint about both Batman playsets--the Batcave had a Batpole from nowhere, and the Wayne Foundation was not the Batcave--most of us didn't know about Batman's penthouse headquearters, we knew the mansion and cave from the tv show. This has a batpole that connects the Bruce Wayne Mansion to the Batcave. It uses a hidden chamber to give the illusion that the secret identity figures change costume when they slide down the batpole.








The Toyroom
May 20, '08, 11:17 AM
This is a favorite of mine out of all the Didas! I agree about the errors with the Batcave and Wayne Foundation...nice to see the problem solved in one complete package. I could see a kid playing with this for hours...or an adult for that matter. :smiley1:

monkey tennis
May 20, '08, 12:19 PM
I love it...
I wish I was a (rich) kid again

Neutron X
May 20, '08, 3:06 PM
Awesome Job! Well done! Very 3D!!!!!!!! Love the way both the outside and inside spaces are used.

May 20, '08, 3:06 PM
My all time favorite playset. And to think one of these will one day be mine :grin:
Looks like 1978 is definitely the year of the playsets

May 20, '08, 5:42 PM
Love it....found myself bizzarly wanting to throw money at the pic of the pole dancers...I mean batpoles...lol...maybe they only allow giant pennies to be thrown at them??