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May 19, '08, 11:30 PM
Author: Scott Adams (MegoScott)
Line: Star Trek
Toy Execution: Vinyl Playset
Packaging Execution: None
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Scott Adams

Notes: With an expanded Star Trek line it's time for a roomier Bridge. This carrying case playset assembles into an 8 sided Bridge with sliding pocket door and scenes of Engineering and Sickbay on the outside.

Currently, the biggest drawback to this design is the loss of the spinning transporter unit from the original playset. A transporter room carrying case can be sold separately.







May 20, '08, 2:03 AM
This is what Mego should've done the first time :wink_y:

Bionic Joe
May 20, '08, 2:57 PM
SPOCKFAN74 to MEGOSCOTT beam one over to my toyroom :yes:

Neutron X
May 20, '08, 3:10 PM

May 20, '08, 3:33 PM
This is what Mego should've done the first time :wink_y:

agreed this is far superior to mego's attempt - but then again isn't the mego quirkyness/inaccuracies part of the appeal?

what i like about scott's is that it is better but still mego-ey enough to fit in.

monkey tennis
May 20, '08, 3:41 PM
All of these are just so good.

I need to ask quickly whilst the wife's not looking...Are they for sale...?

May 20, '08, 3:44 PM
Yes. I'm currently jamming to finish all of my orders for the Batman and Enterprises, then I can take new customers. I'm pretty sure Toyroom is as well.

May 20, '08, 3:45 PM
I need to ask quickly whilst the wife's not looking...Are they for sale...?

The one on its way to me says they are :wink_y:

May 20, '08, 5:39 PM
Want one Want one Want one

May 21, '08, 7:31 AM
Great set...love how it expands.

May 21, '08, 7:39 AM
I love it.

Wish I had the courage to buy and display it. The girlfriend is already questioning my spending habits and sanity.


Apr 23, '10, 12:54 AM
Just out of curiosity, What would this sale for? Please PM me. I would love it if DST would commission a bunch of these, even if it was online only. I can think of a bunch of people who would appreciate this product's cool factor!

Apr 23, '10, 1:32 AM
That is SO COOL!!!

Apr 23, '10, 8:45 AM
Thanks, it's on my website. But I'm really moving slowly filling orders right now.

Trappy Trek Freak
Apr 23, '10, 8:55 AM
I can't see the pictures from this Army computer but I want one w/o even seeing it if you bring them to mego meet they will be sold!!!

Apr 24, '10, 12:49 PM
MegoScott, You must get to making that Hall of Justice!

Apr 25, '10, 2:41 PM
MegoScott, You must get to making that Hall of Justice!

He did, it's fabulous!

Apr 25, '10, 4:44 PM
My site says it's unavailable at this time until I get the console supply straightened out, I think that's what he means. :wink:

Apr 27, '10, 10:40 PM
How bout a nice generic Hallway and spare room to be redressed ( just like the show did!!)

Apr 28, '10, 10:51 AM
I am saving my pennies so i can get a bridge set,,,,,,,, I will be a future customer.

Jun 6, '10, 12:59 PM
Scott, how the heck did you get so talented???!!!!!!!

Apr 16, '13, 4:03 PM
i so want one of these...but i think i am a year or two to slow....this is so amazing....i am going to dream about owning one day and night now.....

Jun 17, '13, 5:52 AM
Is DST still producing Trek stuff? This would make a much needed addition to that line.