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May 19, '08, 10:48 PM
Land of the Lost
Author: Heath Smith Highquality
Line: Land of the Lost
Toy Execution: Custom
Packaging Execution: NA
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Starbuk/Highquality
Author notes: This was an Extremely popular show when I was a kid. I can't believe not one action figure was ever made for it. It's so popular that kids of my generation helped to bring it to the Big Screen in the near future. This is a sampling of the line. Here we see the evil Sleestak, the Mysterious Enik and the Land of the Lost Cave with Battery Operated Light-Up Crystals. The line could easily expand to Marshall, Will, Holly, and Chaka. Even the entire Mego 1,000,000 B.C. Dinosaur line could be re-used. Standard Mego WGSH bodies are used as the base.






May 20, '08, 1:51 AM
this would have sold thru the roof in my neighborhood

May 20, '08, 7:43 AM
It's nice to see these submitted, they are great.

May 20, '08, 7:51 AM
I still can't believe that I'm 37 and no toy company has released a Sleestak doll. I would have had ten as a kid.

May 20, '08, 8:00 AM
I'm just a sales guy with a vision. Starbuk did all the real work. We spent months on this project and I've never had a better time.

Thanks so much.

Dave Mc
May 20, '08, 5:31 PM
I was hoping these would get submitted. Still some of my favorite custom items.

May 20, '08, 10:26 PM
Good Luck ;)

Neutron X
May 20, '08, 11:03 PM
Land of the lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RULES!!!!! One of my all time favorites!

monkey tennis
May 21, '08, 5:41 AM
I don't know the show :embarassed:
But I would have bought them

Reminds me of a cross between Flintstones and POTA

May 21, '08, 6:52 AM
The guy on the right in the third picture looks SO SATISFIED with himself for taking off Sleestak's appendages! Great stuff love 'em.

Jul 21, '08, 10:32 PM
Holly is hot...

Collect 'em all!
Jul 22, '08, 2:28 AM
Really nice work guys!

Land of the Lost ruled when we were kids! When I watch it now on DVD, it's still a lot of fun and is every bit as good as I remember it being...

Now, all you have to do is make a Marshall family's Cave Playset, the Lost City Playset, oh, and some Pylons!

Jul 23, '08, 7:41 PM
Look great. However the first three photos don't want to display on my computer.

Jul 23, '08, 8:50 PM
That is because this thread was brought back from the dead and I deleted them months ago.

Not that it's not appreciated. :biggrin:

May 26, '09, 2:19 PM
after watching the Marathon I have a new Love for this show !
Thanks for creating those figures!

May 26, '09, 11:57 PM
Yeah I loved the marathon as well but the show was dead and gone by 1977 so as cool as these are I doubt Mego would've made them in 1978 for a show that wasn't on tv any more??
Maybe we can get the new Mego to make a sleestak, Enik & Cha-ka? Easy reissue of Alan Virdon with brown hair for Uncle Jack!

May 29, '09, 9:18 PM
Very nice! Well done! Both look excellent!:yes:

Jun 4, '09, 9:35 AM
first 3 pics don't show :(

Jun 5, '09, 1:32 AM
first 3 pics don't show :(

That's because this thread is over a year old :wink_y: