View Full Version : World of Superman 3 Part "Movie" Playset

May 19, '08, 10:42 PM
Author: Scott Adams (MegoScott)
Line: WGSH
Toy Execution: Custom Artwork in Dida Displays
Packaging Execution: None
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Scott Adams
Notes: This is a companion playset to the Superman Movie line (http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?t=8695) pitched by Austin megowgsh. This is a photoshop composite, but the artwork is complete and the playset can be ready by MegoMeet if it's chosen.

Thanks to Chris Franklin and Anthony Durso for the help and Austin for the inspiration. A nod as well to the unproduced Mego 12 inch Superman Playset (http://www.megomuseum.com/wgsh/12/playset.html)with it's 3-part design.




The Toyroom
May 19, '08, 10:46 PM
Rock on, Scott! Very cool how it all came together quite nicely in a concise package! I like the idea with the xtra doors and chambers. Kudos!

May 19, '08, 11:52 PM
Lovely....some great work there...great art and colours too

May 20, '08, 1:49 AM
move over Wayne foundation!

May 20, '08, 2:00 AM
Friggin cool Scott, love the extra chambers

move over Wayne foundation!

But I wouldn't go this far just yet, Scott's Wayne Foundation is still the most kickass display I've ever seen

May 20, '08, 8:20 PM
"Whats Kent doing in that storage closet...hes been in there for a long time?"

"I dunno, but I wouldnt go in there if I were you! I peaked in the door once and he was taking off his pants!"


"Darn rights Ewww!....I bring all my own office supplies from home ever since that day!"

Jun 2, '08, 3:49 PM
This is cool! I hope you're still planning to complete it. I'd really like to see it finished.

Earth 2 Chris
Jun 2, '08, 3:59 PM
Lookin' good Scott! I like the Krypton city there!