View Full Version : Palitoy Action Force Part 2 - SAS Force

Mar 10, '20, 7:15 PM

Mar 10, '20, 7:53 PM
Very informative. I've long thought that the 12" SAS Diver is one of Palitoy's best.

Mar 10, '20, 8:20 PM
When my parents went to France, they brought me back that 3.75" Action Force SAS figure. (You know what they call Action Force in France? "Le Action Force") I think I still have that figure somewhere...

Mar 11, '20, 6:27 AM
Man, after watching that it makes me want to go back to collecting the ARAH joe stuff...but the vintage joe stuff takes enough of my money

Mar 11, '20, 7:10 AM
They are getting me where it hurts with these Action Force videos. I never knew about them until a month ago. Now I have a bunch of Red Shadows baddies on their way to me from the UK.

Earth 2 Chris
Mar 11, '20, 7:18 AM
Ooh, I recently discovered Analog Toys. Love his videos! I had no idea Action Force was any different than GI Joe: RAH until. LOVE the Red Shadows.