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Mar 7, '20, 12:12 AM
The MM2020 Mr. Rock exclusive is officially SOLD OUT!!

I want to thank everyone who inquired about the figure and those who pre-ordered. I am very grateful for the support shown by the Museum members.

This will be the most I've ever made of one figure (40) and I feel that if I didn't put a cap on them soon I'd be making them until Christmas, lol.

Hopefully I'm giving me and my cohorts enough time.

Special shout out to:
Austin, Doc, LaserMego, David & Mego73 for their contributions to this years exclusive.

And in case anyone was wondering about the Customs Auction Excluisve version - wait until you meet Mirror, Mirror Mr. Rock!!

Mar 7, '20, 5:41 AM
wow, that was quick! Good job all.

EMCE Hammer
Mar 7, '20, 8:55 AM
You always do a great job with these - congrats Scott

Mego Milk
Mar 7, '20, 4:31 PM
Aw yeah mego customs!!!

Mar 7, '20, 6:58 PM
Is Mr. Rock the OFFICIAL custom?

Mar 7, '20, 7:26 PM
You always do a great job with these - congrats Scott

Thank you kind sir.

Mar 7, '20, 7:28 PM
Is Mr. Rock the OFFICIAL custom?

Technically yes. But there well be others selling customs like RandomNoir and Kevin.

Random Axe
Mar 7, '20, 8:05 PM
I've been called many things, probably in the last couple of days too, but official is not one of them. ScottA is the one and only official, exclusive meet fig. RandomNoir is simply a non-exclusive vendor.

I'm an idiot and missed out on this one. maybe I'll go hard after the auction fig

Mar 7, '20, 8:25 PM
Congrats Mr. A, well deserved.

Mar 8, '20, 1:14 PM
Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to pick them up in June... and I echo Random Ax’s sentiment... there is but ONLY 1 OFFICIAL Mego Meet Exclusive... We just pedal Mego meet Projects

Mar 8, '20, 3:10 PM
So glad Mr. Rock is getting done by so many fine contributors. I am stoked about having this in my collection.

Mar 9, '20, 8:55 PM
Congrats Scott A.

We appreciate the kind shout out, but Mr. Rock is the one and only OFFICIAL figure and a true Mego Museum team effort. Scott A's selections each year have all been quite brilliant. His Lone Ranger and Tonto, Electra Woman, and Super Soldier are among some of my all time favourite customs.

May 22, '20, 10:33 AM
Hi Scott.

Is there an update on Mr Rock? Meaning how the exclusive will handled due to current circumstances.

Thank you.


May 24, '20, 10:42 PM
Hello all. I was hoping to have one finished before I responded to some questions I've had about the status of the exclusive but this will be fine.

The exclusive is still on schedule to be completed by the original Mego Meet dates. Bodies should arrive soon and hopefully I can post a pic of one. The box has been finailized and is being made now.

If you were having me mail your figure to you as originally planned that's still happening as scheduled. So no worries there.

For those that were picking theirs up at Mego Meet in person I guess we can go one of 2 ways:

I can mail it to you for an addional $13 for shipipng. Just email me at s.arendsen12@outlook.com if you need it and I will send it to you.

or I can hold it until next year and bring it then. Probably not the most popular choice but it's an option and one I've done before for some people.

Also because of the unique circumstances for this years exclusive I may do an extended run after the Mego Meet dates. I've had several people ask so we'll see.

Please feel free to post any questions and I'll be glad to answer them.

Thanks much,


May 24, '20, 10:55 PM
Thank you for the update, Scott.

May 26, '20, 2:22 PM
If you do more i want one please

May 26, '20, 3:22 PM
If you do more i want one please

I would also be interested in one.

Jul 29, '20, 1:10 PM
Hi there, Scott. Any further updates?

Jul 29, '20, 10:24 PM
If you choose to do more I would like to get one for my son.

Aug 19, '20, 9:18 PM

I thought it was time for another update for folks.

I have mailed out all but one order to people who had prepaid and were not going to attend MM. Once I take care of him then it's on to the people who had planned to attend MM where I could hand deliver them. So, if you were picking the figure up at the show we have 2 options - I can just hold it until next year or you can shoot me $13 for shipping and I'll mail it out to you. I have the master list but you can just pm or email me and let me know what you'd like to do. I have about 20 pairs of pants to make and then every ones figures will be done.

I can't thank you all enough for your patience. With the pandemic and work and everything else things didn't always go as I'd hoped or planned.

Thanks again and stay safe.


Aug 19, '20, 9:27 PM
Some flippering going on already… they should have just sold it here with all the demand for this super cool project. ;)

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mr-Rock-2020-Mego-Meet-Exclusive-8-Star-Trek-Tomland-AHI-Mego-NEW/324266653136?hash=item4b7fcc75d0:g:YIsAAOSwM8xfPSf 7

Aug 25, '20, 10:46 PM