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The Toyroom
May 19, '08, 6:56 PM
Author: Anthony Durso (The Toyroom)
Line: WGSH
Toy Execution: Custom Artwork in Dida Displays
Packaging Execution: Anthony Durso
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Anthony Durso
Author Notes: To create more play value and extend the life of the WGSH line, Mego creates a playset for Superman, inspired by the comic book layout and artwork. This is still a work in progress, as I'm awaiting some more Dida pieces to finalize the construction and placement of certain panels. This will be a fully enclosed placeset with fold down cover (creating more floor surface for play) and a carry handle on top.

The splash front (which will eventually be moved to the large fold down cover...right now it's in the back panel):


When the cover is folded down, the Key Door is revealed. The door, when attached, hold the 2 Dida Triangles in place inside the playset shell. When the door is removed (opened), the triangles can fold out and onto the door/floor.


Back wall with Super-Computer and Emergency ViewScreens:


Left side, Super Robots:


Right side, Phantom Zone Viewer and Projector and Kandor Communicator:


Left side, Kryptonite Lab and Secret Identities Vault:


Right side, Super-Weapons Arsenal and Trophy Room:


Left side, flip side of triangle, Hall of Allies and Rogues Gallery:


Right side, flip side of triangle, Interplanetary Zoo:


May 19, '08, 7:18 PM
That looks great man :grin:

EMCE Hammer
May 19, '08, 7:32 PM
I love this. I could have spent hours with this when I was a kid.

May 19, '08, 8:19 PM
It looks amazing....

May 19, '08, 10:23 PM
Very very cool. A must for any Supes fan, or WGSH fan for that matter. I really dig it. vintage mego look at it's best. Congrats. That is Aces, Spot on, and Bravo.

DO you have a view of it from a little farther away. Like an overall shot unfolded??

Bionic Joe
May 19, '08, 10:32 PM
That is so cool, Wish thay made one when i was a kid :drool_y: , But i bet my mom is glad they never made it as i would have driven her nuts to buy me one :smiley1:

May 20, '08, 2:06 AM
The amount of detail is amazing. This would've been sold out in no time had Mego made this

Brown Bear
May 20, '08, 5:47 AM
That is one sweet playset.....has MEGO written all over it

monkey tennis
May 20, '08, 7:23 AM
I love this. I could have spent hours with this when I was a kid.

I'd spend hours with as an Adult...
I wouldn't even go to work