View Full Version : It's the Countdown!!! and Want List all in 1 thread

Mar 3, '20, 3:48 PM
Periodic updates and post your wants and needs!!!

So bummed, Today would have been the day the Bronx contingency would have started making their way to Mego Meet 2020

106 days till Mego Meet 2020!!!
78 days till Mego Meet 2020!!! God willing!!!
60 days till Mego Meet 2020!!! Fingers Crossed!

Mar 3, '20, 3:50 PM
Also looking for 8 inch action figure outfits... Male and Female
Loose Jet Jungle...
numerous parts and accessories...

Brown Bear
Mar 3, '20, 3:58 PM
If anyone attending can watch for a 12 mego Moonraker Drax head for me, Id appreciate it very much!

Mar 3, '20, 6:33 PM
If I even have the budget, I'll say I'd love to add a carded Riddler this year.

Mar 3, '20, 7:42 PM
DICK GRAYSON S.I. TROUSERS, for Pete's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And maybe a MIB 12" Mego hero of some sort.)

Mar 4, '20, 11:00 PM
Since you asked:

Lily Ledy WGSH

T1 Aquaman
T1 Batman
T1 Captain America
T2 Captain America
Mint Catwoman
Green Arrow quiver mint
T1 Green Goblin
T1 Iron Man
T1 Penguin
T1 Robin
Supergirl silk screen suit
Wonder Woman large stars

Batman MIB
Conan MIB
Green Goblin MIB

More nude, loose AJs & DMs

Avenging Robot
Mar 5, '20, 5:16 PM
MIB Isis
all FTC Svengoolies
MOC Shazam
MOC Thor

Mar 8, '20, 1:16 PM
I almost forgot Tomlands!!! I’ll be looking for them as well

Mar 30, '20, 9:16 AM
1st Update fingers crossed... Hope everyone’s Family is safe and well!

Apr 19, '20, 9:44 PM
2nd update only because the top post has me bummed out... Hope everyone is safe and well!

Apr 20, '20, 2:13 PM
RC Batman with all original parts

Apr 20, '20, 9:56 PM
Megomeet to happen is my only wish.

Jun 16, '20, 6:16 AM
Ahhh what could have been :(