View Full Version : New DC 12-inch Figures

Feb 27, '20, 3:00 PM
Hi all,

I was wondering what Captain Action fans think of the new 12-inch DC figures being produced. Sure, they don't have cloth costumes and face masks, but I recently picked up the new Rebirth Tactical Batman figure and like it a lot. The sculpting is great and the articulation is on par with a vintage Marx figure like Johnny west or the Noble Knights in my opinion.

What do others think?


Feb 27, '20, 5:13 PM
I sometimes buy these 12" figures--Shazam!, Aquaman--and like them. Mr. freeze is also nice, I was thinking about having the head shrunk from that one for a Mego version.

To me, these are more appealing and more displayable than a 4" or 7" figure.