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Feb 23, '20, 5:24 PM
I've already begun the work. It's happening.

Yeah, yeah, yeah wow!

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49575674688_ba489dbb45_n.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/2iwQhTS)

Feb 24, '20, 3:16 PM
This will be a collaborative effort between myself, Austin, and a few others lending creative, or consulting advice. I'm doing my first custom right, and at great expense, in order to bring everybody the best possible figure.

Trust me, you're gonna want this one. I'm going for accuracy.

Feb 24, '20, 4:08 PM
well alright

Feb 24, '20, 4:26 PM
Hope it meets expectations. More info as the custom takes shape.

I am still in need of some help with the bracelet.

Feb 25, '20, 8:34 AM
Hope it meets expectations. More info as the custom takes shape.

I am still in need of some help with the bracelet.

have you messaged Lasermego Paul Wasson

Feb 25, '20, 9:43 AM
Yup. He was my first choice. We're working things out.

Feb 29, '20, 8:41 PM
So, it looks like Mego Meet will be the same weekend again, as another event I attend. That being the case, I will be dividing my time between the two.

I will do my best to figure out how to distribute the figures, but a preorder might be the best option.

I will only have a small number of them available initially, but will consider a second run should demand require it.

I will be numbering my first run.

Mar 23, '20, 5:56 AM

Mar 23, '20, 7:11 AM
This custom would not have been possible without the help of many people.

First and foremost is Austin, who has provided me with the lion's share of the work. Helping me do the suits, and the head.

Next up is Paul, who banged out the bracelet lightning fast.

And last, but not least is Scott, who provided no small amount of moral support and encouragement.

There's still a lot of work to do. I need to sew the outfits, order bodies and design packaging, but this really feels real.

Mar 23, '20, 6:56 PM
Looking great!

Mar 23, '20, 10:19 PM
It'll be better once I have all the parts to assemble them.

Mar 31, '20, 9:17 AM

The head is almost ready, thanks to Austin!

Jul 16, '20, 11:58 PM
Just an update, this is still happening. I've just hit a logistical hurdle with the funding. I was counting on my tax return to cover the final leg of the actual construction, leaving only card design as the final step.

Alas, my tax return still hasn't arrived, and so, I still need the costumes sewn.

Dec 15, '20, 10:51 AM
Just an update, costumes are at the seamstress. This will be ready in 2021.

Dec 15, '20, 8:02 PM
Want one of these figures. NEED one of these figures!

Dec 15, '20, 9:14 PM
I look forward to showing off the finished product.

Dec 15, '20, 11:50 PM
Update: Outfits are done and being mailed back to Austin :yes:

It's going to look great.

Dec 20, '20, 5:30 PM
Thanks so much for the update!

Dec 30, '20, 4:57 PM
Huge shout out to all of the talented folks who helped me put this idea together. I'm in the home stretch. I need to order bodies and hands, then design some card art.But this is what all the fuss is about. I give you...The Emissary of Hell, SPIDER MAN!



Dec 30, '20, 7:35 PM
I need this! I need this NOW! Great custom!

Dec 30, '20, 8:26 PM
What a labor of love, that is really nice. I like the collaborative spirit that still endures in our community.

Dec 30, '20, 9:48 PM
I need to get the bodies ordered and the card designed. Bear with me. Should be done by Feb.