View Full Version : Who what was LESLO toy co.???

Jan 31, '20, 9:51 AM
Hello fellow toy fiends
So I recently won an auction for vintage knock off GI Joe goodies and found some items marked "LESLO". There is no "inc." or "Co." Or anything else. The Joe items look like regular old LJN Mr. Action accessories. So I wiki'ed LJN to see if "LESLO" was a fore- runner to the LJN brand. Nada! No mention of this toy maker. No Wiki available for the LESLO be as well. So does anyone know of this company???

Feb 19, '20, 3:26 AM
not sure of their origin, but they sure knocked off a lot of Joe gear from the 60s, I've gotten flamethrowers, field radios and rifles all marked Leslo. All of them were spitting images of Hasbro's pieces.

Neutron X
Mar 6, '20, 6:21 PM
Here's where it gets weird. You have to have opened many KO to know who Leslo is............... uh OK here is what I do know. Elite GI Fighting Ace from the 1960s items were the ones marked Leslo. My understanding is that Leslo is more likely a Toy manufacturer name than a retail toy company. Like Rebox ect. After Mego was sued by Hasbro for Fighting Yank many molds were changed in Hong Kong. Names were removed from the molds and later only marked as Hong Kong .