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Jan 28, '20, 9:32 PM
As another Mego Meet approaches you may want to know what to do in Columbus.

First - you don't need to do anything outside of the Meet. it is pretty awesome on its own.

If you do want to stray:
As a toy collector you will want to go to Big Fun. A toy store packed wall to wall, floor to ceiling with vintage toys. Just north of down town (The Short North).
It is in a strip that has lots of great shops to pop in and out of. Antiques, art, thrift, bars, restaurants, etc. Meter parking (free sunday).

The Laughing Ogre comic store is always full of the latest exclusive toys and statues (a couple miles north of OSU - 20/25 minutes from meet). I have friends that say Packrat comics is great too -but I have never been there. (only 3.5 miles from Meet)

There is a place called Colleen's Collectables (20/25 minutes form Meet) Music collectibles (vinyl, sheet, 8track... - has Music related toys -Elvis, Beatles, Kiss. Also has movies.

Walmart is 2.8 miles away. (With 2 more walmarts within 20 minutes.) Target is 2.6 miles away (with another one almost as close)

For the family and superhero fans:
COSI (center for science and industry children's museum) has a limited exhibit - DC Superheroes https://cosi.org/exhibits/dc-superheroes It begins Feb 8th. Unfortunately I am not sure if it will still be here in Mid June. Even without it, families would enjoy the museum. (check for reciprocal memberships)

also for families and everyone
- the Columbus Zoo is amazing. 25 minute drive from Meet.
- Columbus museum of Art. 15 minutes from Meet. (free sundays)

Tuttle Mall is less than 10 minutes away. I haven't been there for 15 years. Don't know what you'll find.
Easton Town Place and Mall on teh far side of town is a fun outdoor/indoor shopping place. They have Lego Discovery Place and a separate Lego store.

Columbus food
Thurman Cafe (burgers) 15 min. Jeni's Ice Cream (near Big Fun toys), Dirty Frank's 15 min, Schmidtt's sausage house 15 minutes < all near downtown

Waffle House -next door to the Meet (If you can't find Austin in the Marriott, look in Waffle House)

Jack and Bennie's north of OSU is the go to breakfast spot and Nancy's home Cooking for lunch(15 to 20 minute drive)

Food trucks. Look around.

Pizza - you can get Donatos elsewhere, but it started here. Best known for There original thin crust pepperoni pizza.

If you need the classic OSU pizza I recommend Catfish Biff's

Columbus also is the birthplace of Wendy's and White Castle. I am sure you have had Wendy's. If you haven't had White Castle - you must.

I don't venture to the West side often, so I don't know what food is close to the hotel.

Jan 28, '20, 11:54 PM
Don't forget the Billy Ireland Museum of Cartoon Art on the campus of OSU.

I can second the recommendation of Packrat, and add World's Greatest Comics in Westerville to the list of great comic shops to check out. Comic Town is good as well, as is the comic shop in the food court of the Convention Center whose name always escapes me but which I check out every year that we attend Origins at the convention center.

If you are coming form the west and going through the Dayton area either on the way in or on the way out, there are a number of awesome vintage toy stores and comic shops in that area if anyone wants recommendations.

and be aware if you are going to the Short North, the last several times I have been there, there has been a lot of construction which has made parking a nightmare as lots of spots are not available tied up in construction sites. Hopefully it will be done by June.

There's also 3-4 Half Price Books in Columbus that are great for finding trade paperbacks, comics, vintage paperbacks, vinyl, movies etc. at as well.


And Schmiddt's Sausage house is awesome, especially if you do the Sunday brunch (if they still have it, I haven't been in couple of years). They also have some wonderful craft brews there.

Random Axe
Jan 29, '20, 12:22 PM
Some of the best Pizza I've had in forever was from Flyer's which is a couple of miles north of the Meet hotel. Also, Steak Escape is amazing which is across the street from Flyer's, awesome cheesesteak subs! I will be in town on Tuesday. Wednesday I'll be with Austin and will hopefully hit a couple of toy/comic shops in the afternoon.

Jan 29, '20, 4:17 PM
The last surviving York Steakhouse is on Broad Street in Columbus and I will be dining there one evening during Mego Meet. Perfect nostalgia.

Jan 30, '20, 11:13 AM
and Steak and Shake don't forget Steak and Shake!!!

Jan 30, '20, 11:57 AM
and Steak and Shake don't forget Steak and Shake!!!

No. It always seems like a good idea until after you eat it.

Feb 1, '20, 9:11 AM
Waffle House -next door to the Meet (If you can't find Austin in the Marriott, look in Waffle House)

Touché pussycat! :wink_y:

Feb 1, '20, 9:13 AM
We had some delicious food at Waffle House. Great staff, too.

Mar 23, '20, 7:08 AM
There's some pretty legendary food in Columbus. You might wanna seek out the Thurman Cafe, in German Village home of the Thurmanator. While there, check out the Book Loft.