View Full Version : costume display?

Nov 23, '19, 3:02 PM
Is there a cheap available figure that the original Cap uniforms/masks would fit on for display purposes?

Nov 23, '19, 3:16 PM
A Cotswold Elite body with painted head is $20. A CTVT 12" "Mego" body without head is $20. A basic (beach) Ken doll is $8.00.

Some of the Playing Mantis '90s issues are pretty cheap.

Nov 24, '19, 10:53 AM
loose playing mantis CA bodies, or repro Joe bodies work well. Joe bodies work better for some of the non-vintage, Round2 suits.

Nov 25, '19, 5:32 PM
define cheap? if i don't have an original 60's cap at a particular point in time, i have been using the playing mantis cap figs. they are cheap, relatively speaking.


Nov 26, '19, 7:44 AM
I tried using a Ken doll, it fits but its tight.

Neutron X
Nov 30, '19, 11:14 PM
Vintage Gijoe bodies work well. The painted Gijoe heads that have shrunk are great for 60s Captain Action Masks. Don't try fitting masks over fuzz head joes.
Goodwill often gets 90s Gijoes that are a little thinner and have smaller heads for $1-3 range if you can find them. Ertle Top Cop figures have the body of Gijoe with Captain Action style hands they work well if you can find them. Good Luck!

Nov 30, '19, 11:42 PM
Thanks, I'll check those out- I'm looking for something along the cheap gijoe idea.

Dec 7, '19, 5:48 AM
I think the Joe feet are bigger than Cpt Action so the boots might not fit

Dec 7, '19, 9:01 AM
Definitely bigger, yes.