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libby 1957dog
Nov 3, '19, 4:00 PM
thought id kick off this new captain action sub with these oddities ,i got mine from a attic find a guy i deal with bought a year or so back ,there were superman batman green hornet ,that i got from him but it also had buck rogers ,phantom ,flash gordon lone ranger and tonto ,a real good cross section from common to rare ,and they were dressed on blow molded dolls based on the costume set dummies ,id seen the hero accessories versions but these were totally new to me and i had to have them ,id love to know more about them and would encourage any that know more to post here , i sold the green hornet to a friend but boxed the supes and bats in repro boxes for that old time found in the back of the storeroom of a toy store feel :smile:so strange to think that such a quality made item would be disposed of in such a dime store way




Nov 3, '19, 8:43 PM
I'm fascinated by these, I'd love to know the provenance of them as well. Michael Eury doesn't mention them in his CA book.

Nov 4, '19, 10:34 AM
I've had a couple of these and seen carded ones before. They seem to be more common in the UK but I found one in Canada once.

It seems that they had left over CA clothes and masks at some factory and produced the blow-molded dolls to sell them as a figure. You see Phantom and Flash Gordon quite a bit, seems very early 70s.

They seem to be directly related to those Mego Outift blow molds of the 1980s that also included Captain Action as they have the same card art.


libby 1957dog
Nov 4, '19, 2:06 PM
interesting brian ,so the cap headed figure was sold on a card that resembled the hero's accessories card at one point,
as our mutual friend says he has a bagged spiderman in his stash ,won't know if its the ideal suit until he excavates it from his treasure pile ,but its bound to be interesting one way or another :yes:

Nov 4, '19, 2:48 PM
A lot of people know more than me on the subject but there seems to be two waves of these things.

Figures on that dummy that usually have masks and CA outfits.

Figures on a new body where the head is a copy of either a CA mask or a mego head and most of them have mego outfits.

Nov 4, '19, 4:56 PM
These are pretty cool, and yes the consensus all of these were leftover costumes pieces. I always found it odd they felt they had to blow mold C/A's face for these.

I've also seen them with Mego parts on them as well.

Nov 4, '19, 5:29 PM
This is all interesting to learn. :yes:

Neutron X
Nov 7, '19, 11:31 AM
Love these! The 2nd edition Heroes Accessories CA face is copied from CA Flash Gordon's. It's hard to tell from pics sometimes. 1st edition HA cards show Captain America and Phantom in card art.