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May 16, '08, 6:19 PM
Author: Scott Adams (MegoScott)
Line: WGSH
Toy Execution Virtual/Custom
Packaging Execution N/A
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Scott Adams using Reproheads Printed Suits
Author Notes: Soft plush dolls using WGSH heads. I've had this idea for a long while and got some suits from Austin to make prototypes, but it looks like I'm too busy this weekend to finish them so I'm going with a concept drawing for now. I can't wait to try to make these for Mego Meet.

"Okay, Marty, here's the pitch. World's Greatest Super Buddies. We stuff printed super hero jumpsuits, pop in excess inventory super hero heads. Voila! Sell it to little kids too young for the action figures, build up your market and you don't have to spend a dime on production costs. Whattya say?"


The Toyroom
May 16, '08, 6:44 PM
Those rock, Scott!

wayne foundation 07
May 16, '08, 7:20 PM
Can't wait,just something else to look forward to.They look awesome!!!!!!!

May 16, '08, 7:36 PM
Great idea Scott! My Grandma did something similar for me in the late 70's/early 80's so I had some companions for my Mego Batman and Robin.
Superman, Aquaman , Flash, & GL are all stuffed and have cardboard heads. Hawkman has stuffed pants (insert joke here) otherwise he's made of cardboard. WW is cardboard with stuffing in the clothing areas.. The wondertwins are cardboard with fabric glued on and no stuffing.

May 16, '08, 8:55 PM
^^^OMG those are incredible! You still have these? Those are priceless...Way to go grandma!

May 16, '08, 11:30 PM
^^^OMG those are incredible! You still have these? Those are priceless...Way to go grandma!

I still have them. I dug them out to photograph this stuff about a year & a half ago and I don't think I posted these when I posted some other related goodies.

May 17, '08, 12:13 AM
WHOA! Grandma rocked it BIG time! amazing!
Scott, looks like you got some competition!

May 17, '08, 4:00 AM
Wow, what a cool grandma. She had you beat by about 30 years, Scott :smiley1:

Dave Mc
May 17, '08, 7:20 AM
Heh, that's cool. Kind of an 8" super softie with a chewable head. Perfect for the little guys. :biggrin:

May 17, '08, 3:18 PM
They look amazing, grandma got the idea first...lol

May 17, '08, 3:25 PM
I'm willing to bring thse to Megomeet for display if there is interest.