View Full Version : Cotswolds updating The Intruders

Sep 30, '19, 5:28 PM
They're working with Louco Por Bonecos to do an updated version of the Intruders. Here's a link to the Invader Warrior:https://www.gijoeelite.com/Invader-Warrior-Outfit-Set-Silver

Also on the website is an outfit for an Invader Officer. Not shown is the Commander.

Sep 30, '19, 7:30 PM
that's so cool

Sep 30, '19, 8:00 PM
I just completed my custom version a few weeks ago with a Hobbycrash Geyper muscle-body, a vintage Intruder Warrior head, and a mix of the new Invader copper & silver uniforms.

So much fun, he turned out great. Added a raygun, too. I love Cotswold.

Next up: 1/6 combo of Super Joe's Luminos and The Shield.

Oct 1, '19, 11:04 AM
You can see the original in the face. Cots is keeping the heart of 1/6 Joe beating.

Oct 3, '19, 11:16 AM
Cots is keeping the heart of 1/6 Joe beating.


Excellent customer service, too. :cool_y:

Oct 3, '19, 12:38 PM
I'm not sure how to feel about these. It seems they are too far removed from the original concept. I think full outfits are going too far, and they should have bare limbs at the very least. The whole "strong men from another world" theme is not reflected in the new versions. His outfit is a sci-fi style strongman outfit. The new one doesn't have the right feel...
I see why people would like it, though.

scott metzger
Oct 3, '19, 1:32 PM
Got their catalog yesterday in the mail and saw these (had sen a quick picture of one of the Joe outfits, but didn't know where it had come from). Really tempting, but expensive for everything. Knowing Cotswold is behind it makes it more attractive, though; gotten a few things from them over the years (most recently the jumpsuit and hands I used to put one of my original Joes back together), and have always had a good experience.

Oct 3, '19, 3:28 PM
I like my custom version--the pygmy originals were more fun with Megos and Big Jim than Joes IMO.

Using a vintage head makes him sufficiently troglodytic.