View Full Version : This weeks Big Jim Score!!!

Jul 6, '19, 7:52 PM
SO this all began cause I wanted a Big Jim Carry Case to store a Jim or two. I offered the seller $20 and They agreed. Now the listing also included several outfits and accessories. The seller just photographed these lumped into the box. I figured it would end up being a bunch of Barbie junk and nothing else...

What was in the lot was the outfit which you see above. The Jim and wrist communicator is mine, The gun is from Doc Mego.

The lot also included Clothing for the Rescue outfit, Football outfit, The Shotgun and some of the camping gear.
Turned out to be a better bargain than I imagined for $20

Jul 6, '19, 8:08 PM
Wow, great score! :grin: