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Jun 29, '19, 9:06 AM
The dust has settled and the sun has set on the second annual Customego Hall of Fame ceremony and dinner and it is time to extend “thank you's” to all of the people who helped make it such a memorable evening.

To all who attended: the enthusiasm and love for the hobby demonstrated by your presence was overwhelming. Thank you for allowing us to share that moment together.

To Scott Arendsen, James Brady, Michael DiGiovanni, Frank Martinez, Steve Moore, and Troy Younger, thank you for sharing and displaying so many of the custom figures being honored that evening. You helped turn an empty room into a Customego art gallery!

To the raffle contributors: Jason Strongbow and Big Fun Columbus (https://www.facebook.com/BigFunColumbus/), Mark Villegas and Eager Polymers (http://www.eagerplastics.com/), Paul Wasson/Laser Mego (http://www.lasermego.com/), Darryl Young (https://www.facebook.com/darrylyoungdesign/), and Mego World's Greatest Super Heroes historian Benjamin Holcomb. Know that all of your donations were greatly appreciated and went to loving homes. :yes:

To all who helped set up the room, I truly appreciate all of you and your support.

To the goodie bag contributors: Classic TV Toys/Figures Toy Company, Bobby Horne, and Big Fun Columbus . If you are ever not sure if your donations were appreciated, simply watch the video on our Facebook page of grown men and women playing with their toys at the dinner table. :wink_y:

To the Mego Museum, without whom none of this would happen. It is the foundation that they have created with such a strong event like the annual Mego Meet that has inspired me to believe the Customego Hall of Fame ceremony and dinner could become a reality. If you are not a member of the Mego Museum, you need to become one: http://megomuseum.com/community/ And, if you've never been to a Mego Meet, you need to attend one: https://www.facebook.com/MegoMeet/

To the event's sponsor: Classic TV Toys/Figures Toy Company (who was more of a partner to the event than a sponsor.) Their generosity cannot be overstated, nor can they be thanked enough. Please patronize their websites often as they are continually adding new items and obtaining new and exciting licensed products: http://figurestoycompany.com/ AND http://www.classictvtoys.com/

And, finally, to all of the inductees. Your contributions to the hobby are as inspiring as they are legendary. The night does not take place without you and we are proud to have each and every one of you as members of the Customego Hall of Fame Class of 2019. ❤️

Peace, Love, and Customegos!


Jun 29, '19, 10:15 AM
I actually made an order last night with FTC/CTVT, specifically because of what was given away at the dinner. My order was almost a hundred dollars, so it was good advertising. Put product in my hands that I needed more of.
The dinner was really awesome. Definitely one of the highlights of the Meet!

Jun 29, '19, 1:14 PM
Congratulations to the inductees, and my appreciation for all the contributors listed above... plus Austin, who has really started something special with this Hall of Fame.

Jun 29, '19, 1:19 PM
Congratulations inductees and thank-you to Austin--it was a great event for deserving customizers. I enjoyed it a lot.

Jun 29, '19, 5:35 PM
It was the highlight of my trip. Thanks to Austin for putting on such a great night.

Jun 29, '19, 6:17 PM
congrats on an awesome event Austin.