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Jun 28, '19, 4:49 PM
I recently found out that there is GI JOE Repair Shop and Museum about two hours away from me. I planned on making a trip to check it out this Summer and initially thought it would involve having to take a day away from work as they are only open on Friday mornings for a few hours (by appointment only). Last Saturday, they had an open house so I jumped in the car and made a trip to see some GI JOE goodness. Spent a short time talking to the owner of the collection and he showed me some of the "talkers" he had repaired and told me a little about the repair business he runs out of the same building. Talked at length with the Curator about the collection and the displays. It's a small(ish) space at the moment, but nicely displayed and curated, and you can get right up to the figures to really check out the details. There is a fun WWII diorama set up with a beach landing leading into an uphill assault on some dug in German Soldiers. They have plans to expand the space into connecting buildings so there will be even more things on display in the future. I got a bunch of pics and thought I'd share a few. Great place to visit for GI JOE fans and collectors!


This is a link to a piece that was produced by our local NBC affiliate that highlights the Repair Shop and Museum


Jun 28, '19, 4:57 PM
Somehow this seems familiar to me, I may have sold him some modern Joes years ago. Also, there is a GI Joe Medic that used to do tutorials in the GI Joe Collectors Club newsletter, I wonder if this is the same man. Ach, I'm getting so forgetful.

Thank you for posting this. It's nice to see how his collection is displayed and includes Adventure Team, too.

Jun 29, '19, 7:01 PM
They all look so good.

Jul 7, '19, 2:50 AM
Thank you for posting this. It's nice to see how his collection is displayed and includes Adventure Team, too.

It's an amazing collection. As far as I could tell, it was pretty close to being complete. In an interview a few years back, he stated that he was missing some of the hard bits like the Marine Jungle Fighter and Nurse, but they are now part of the collection.

What I find amazing is that he lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere and was able to buy a storefront to display his collection....to the public. I am forever amazed at the groovy displays of collections I see on this board and other places. Beautifully drool worthy displays that color me all sorts of green with envy. But this guy had secured part of a city block to spread out and curate a collection that he can then say, "C'mon in and check this out!".

Jul 7, '19, 10:33 AM
Very neat looking place and thanks for sharing! I think everyone of us would love to have a place like this to display our collections.

Mar 29, '20, 2:16 PM
A local travel show ran a feature last night about the GI JOE Museum. I really enjoyed talking to Dr. Vitale when I went and I think his passion comes across in this short feature. I am looking forward to going back this Summer.


Mar 30, '20, 9:30 AM
Great clip. A little out of the way for me, but it looks like a terrific display. I could spend hours there looking at stuff and talking to that guy.