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Random Axe
Jun 27, '19, 11:01 AM
I know just from the thread title Steve rolled his eyes, but it's not that kind of thread.

Whatever weekend we have set up, I think it would be fantastic, if people are available, to start arriving Tuesday-Wednesday. With the larger venue we are scattered around the room and don't get the social time we used to in Wheeling or even Skokie. And as crazy as Saturday was, there was little to know time together aside from the sketchy dinner at Outback and the suite.

We wouldn't likely be able to get room block discounts that early, but that's fine. I'm willing to spend the extra money and time to be able to do stuff with family and friends way before we even think about table setup and breakdowns. That's at least my plan for next year. I'll come in on Tuesday and hit local toy stores and comic shops, and I'd prefer not to do that alone.

I realize that vacation time has to be planned out way in advance for most, but I thought I'd gauge interest here and see if anyone thinks like I do on this topic. We simply didn't have enough time to catch up or talk. I miss that part.

Jun 27, '19, 12:47 PM
I know Exactly what you mean... It was a huge help moving the HOF Dinner off of Friday night to the Thursday to help space things out but even doing that Fridays Lunch killed my schedule and I found myself no where near ready for Saturday morning... I truly know now what it feels like to be Roberto (Blue Meanie)... I'm thinking bring back the Pizza Party Friday around lunch so that keeps most of us there in the room with each other Longer and Maybe even do it Saturday at lunch as well maybe even add $5 to the early admission dealers to pay for the Pizza instead of scrambling around the Friday to collect money, we could probably even pre order the stuff for both says in advance so all they have to do is deliver each day. Not sure but if the Hotel has another room they could set up we could order and Cater the Saturday night closing Dinner in another room... Just throwing stuff out there to see if it sticks

Jun 27, '19, 1:00 PM
I agree having the HOF dinner on Thursday worked out really well. I may be arriving on Wednesday next year to make the weekend last longer.

Jun 27, '19, 5:15 PM
I'd love to be able to spend more time. It'd be great to take a whole week off.

Jun 28, '19, 10:53 PM
I like the idea and have boatloads of vacation time. Just depends on what is going on at the time since it's very far out. Only have a vague idea right now of what's going on between then and now both with work and personally.

Jun 29, '19, 7:26 PM
I really like this idea as well.

Let's see if we make this happen next year!

Avenging Robot
Jul 1, '19, 2:08 PM
Can I ask what is the reason/significance etc. of holding it in Youngstown? Just asking...

EMCE Hammer
Jul 1, '19, 2:14 PM
Can I ask what is the reason/significance etc. of holding it in Youngstown? Just asking...

Just the name takes us all back to happier times..........

Seriously, it's not held in Youngstown. We are heading into our third year in Columbus. It's a good fit.

Jul 1, '19, 6:05 PM
That's exactly what I did in 2019. I came in on Wednesday.

Random Axe
Jul 1, '19, 7:42 PM
I used to get into Wheeling and Skokie on Wed but I was the only one. Let's change that!

Jul 1, '19, 8:36 PM
I will not get a hotel room for early days, if people are there I would love to hang out since it is local

Jul 1, '19, 8:41 PM
Can I ask what is the reason/significance etc. of holding it in Youngstown? Just asking...

Ha! Where did you get that idea? I grew up there. We could definitely get a cheap venue. Maybe a shuttered steel factory. Just fly in to Cleveland or Pittsburg 'cause the commercial airport's been closed for a while. Pick up the paper before you get there too -they just announced it is folding too.

Jul 2, '19, 10:02 PM
I arrived oin Wednesday this year and it was great. I plan to do it again (if a friend's daughter's wedding doesn't coincide next year).