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Jun 27, '19, 6:34 AM
This meet was one i needed . Last year has been tough fopr me losing my wife , mother in law and 18 year old nephew. It started off tough with issues with the batmobile , and truck and trailer. Thats why i didnt bring it but even that was all at home where it happened. I got there early friday morning and was so happy to see some old friends. There were a lot opf new faces which was great . It made me happy the first time in a while. This meet no table and no car meant it was just relaxing and buying . Got a coool batmobile remote control for tghe toy store we went to . Got to have lunch with a great group of people . Many purchases later including some apes from chris dvm . They cleaned up nice. Some new stuff from chad and david lee . A batcave from the fiores . A 14 year old package from paul clare . Had lots chats . A free spierman from derek , the diamond select one circle suit in the box . Got a console for my transporter room from scott . Got some premeet purchases from chuck . Had great chats with lots of members. It was probably the best mego meet for me to date. Thank you steve and everyopne else who put this on . This is a family reunion of family you love to see. I am looking forward to next year already . Thank you guys again for a great time. Heading to disney saturday will post pictures of what i got after i come back .

Jun 27, '19, 6:54 AM
I'm so glad you came sir, it was a joy watching you kibitz with the goons this year.

Jun 27, '19, 10:07 AM
Glad you made it even without the Batmobile, I look forward to this event every year because seeing everyone even-though its just for a few fleeting moments it refreshes my soul and rejuvenates my spirits. Till next year Fine Citizen

Jun 27, '19, 7:43 PM
I always look forward to seeing you, cosplay or not. I'm sorry to hear you've experienced such losses.

One of my first MM experiences (in Wheeling, 2013) was you greeting me warmly and giving me a key-chain. That made an impression on me, and I'm pleased to say I've seen that it seems characteristic of our community.

Jun 28, '19, 10:55 PM
Glad you made it. Also to great to see you and talk.

Jun 29, '19, 6:19 PM
My deepest condolences and sympathies for your losses this year.

Glad you were there, and were able to still dress up as Batman and pal around. You're a huge part of Mego Meet and we were all happy to see you there.

Jun 29, '19, 10:47 PM
Your family losses this year are terrible. I cannot begin to understand what is like to be you this year. Glad you made the trip.

Not having the Batmobile we only were out 1% of the joy you bring.

Thanks for fighting with me and the GOONS Batman.