View Full Version : It really doesn't feel like a whole week has passed.

Jun 21, '19, 3:19 PM
I'm riding that feeling.

And the way I look at it, that means only 51 more weeks til next year's meet!

Jun 21, '19, 3:36 PM
Today is actually the first day i feel totally normal, I've been tired and drained for the entire week. Something about five hours sleep a night that just doesn't work when you're 48. I can't imagine what Steve feels like.

Random Axe
Jun 21, '19, 4:53 PM
Its back to business as usual for me trying to catch up from 12 days off work. My voice/email was loaded with all kinds of cool banking stuff ranging from disputes in someone's Refinance APR to some inbred, Fucronaut wondering why he has three overdraft fees on his account.

That aside, I'm super pumped to get back to work on some more customs and will have some very cool stuff to present in the coming months. This time last year I was totally burned out of everything and had no energy for anything. Now I'm ready to start my Meet prep in August. When's the date, Steve?

Jun 21, '19, 5:35 PM
today is the first day I am nearly back to normal...head cold/alergies finally better....depression finally over.
I plan on staying on the couch tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday to rest....if I do anything...I have two megos on my workbench to finish ;-)

Jun 21, '19, 5:56 PM
My mind is buzzing with ideas. I'm hoping I'm still in gear in a few weeks time as I begin financing my plans. I have a lot of people to contact, a lot of things to buy, and a lot of people to thank if I actually manage to pull this off.

Jun 21, '19, 8:47 PM
This week was a blur. We are prepping for the end of fiscal year audit at work and I'm the chief inventory guru. Which means I have to coordinate what can be a painful process especially if not prepped for correctly. Of course, there were a couple of days of cleaning up messes that seem to accrue while I'm gone. I do expect it, but that doesn't make it any less crappy to deal with. Also had a bad flare up on one of my teeth over the meet and promised myself I'd go to the dentist when I came back. I did just that on Monday and..I needed a root canal, my second this year. But wait, because I had one already I used up all my insurance so I was on the hook for this, My dentist tried to do a work-around in hopes it could be put off until next year when the insurance would re-start. So such luck as it failed measurably and actually made things worse. After being told to call if I had issues he was booked solid Tuesday so I ended up playing musical dentists until I found someone who could take me. Finally found someone not too far, and got the root canal. With it, the remaining money I took home from the meet (which I had plans for) was gone. All that said I got a pick me up Wednesday when my eBay purchase from Saturday arrived (the U.S. carded Thing) and got that meet feeling back. Even had my mom take the now standard pic in a Mego/Meet related short while I held the figure. More important than that just passing three weeks since my father passed I'm starting to feel better and largely move past the grieving process. I'm remembering the good stuff, realize I only have one small (and ultimately minor) regret and watching my Mom's get a quality of life she hasn't had in years is great. I feel like my Dad is smiling right now and that's the most I could ask for.

Jun 21, '19, 10:02 PM
My final meet pickup arrives tomorrow. Pretty excited for it.

Jun 24, '19, 4:00 PM
Okay, rather than create a new thread to do my meet recap, I have chosen to repurpose this thread.

Wow, it was my Mego Meet homecoming. It definitely would not have happened without two very important people, so they're the first I want to thank.

First to Mr. Brian Heiler. Words cannot adequately express the respect and admiration I have for you. You know what I mean. And I will forever be in your debt.

To Mr. David Lee, and Swankcat (Corey LeChat), thank you so much for rekindling my fire and love not just for this hobby, but for the people in it.

To Random Axe, cjeffreys, and samurainoir...Thanks so much for being there. It was as if no time had passed whatsoever.

To Everybody who encourages me...I'm hoping to have some truly special things for next year's meet. Believe me,if I can pull off what I have planned, it will be outstanding. I'm excited, and I hope it works out. I'm trying to get the strings together.