View Full Version : Thanks for a sweet vacation!

Jun 19, '19, 5:25 PM
Still struggling to get back into real life, and just like last year, I developed allergies or something from the hotel I suspect...

But, sincerely, thank you Steve, Brain, Robyn, Austin, whoever else who may be behind the scenes....
I told The Boy as we put the vehicle in drive, pulling away from the hotel Sunday morning..we always say "this was the best one yet", but wow, everything went super smooth.

It's such an emotional thing for me to realize Sunday morning that it's over and time to go home.

Explaining MM to my coworkers, as recent as today actually....you can't go ten feet without hugging someone.



Jun 19, '19, 5:53 PM
As I was driving through the city on my way home, I was overcome by emotion. It has been a LONG time since I got to see so many great people all weekend long (I was splitting time between two events).

Jun 19, '19, 6:06 PM
Yep I know what you mean... It’s over still hasn’t set in! And although most of my Co workers know this is what we do every summer they really don’t understand when you explain your trip. See you on the Funny pages brother... till next June!!!

Jun 19, '19, 6:33 PM
Some rough patches for me, but without repeating the obvious, watching you put the Wayne Foundation together in the suite was pretty much the perfect ending for me. Most of my co-workers in the office have been there a while so they know what this means to me at least.

Jun 22, '19, 10:06 PM
It's taken a week for me to clear my head, get some rest, and catch up at work, but I want to say thank you to everyone--friends old and new--for a wonderful week-end of camaraderie, creative collaboration, and collecting. The generosity of the Mego community never ceases to amaze me, and I particularly appreciate how folks made my partner Jason feel welcome at his first meet. He is still talking about it, about kit-bashing his first figure (courtesy of Dave L. & Jason S.), and about attending next year. It was our only weekend away this year and also our way of celebrating Pride with friends.

I had some great conversations, wishing I had time for more. The panel was amazing. And I reacquired a childhood favorite--thank you, Swankcat.

And next year Sean, when you master that card game, we'll play again!

Jun 22, '19, 10:09 PM
You should've gone downtown for the Pridefest!

Jun 22, '19, 10:12 PM
I've attended Columbus Pride before and enjoyed it, but the meet was paramount to me and kept us happily occupied the entire week-end.

Jun 23, '19, 9:45 AM
Fair enough.

I had to divide my time. Friday for the meet, Saturday for Pride.

Jun 24, '19, 10:35 AM
Glad to chat with you and hear that things have been going so great lately. The Meet wouldn't be the same without you and the boy, and we always look forward to seeing what you've cooked up. The "statue" of Calibos was inspired.

Jun 24, '19, 1:18 PM
always good to see the Gordy boys!!! Perseus needs to come to Jimmy's house