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Jun 19, '19, 11:02 AM
So it's been 3 days since we left The Meet and where do we start...

The Beginning... It seems the past few years we have managed to start with a thorn in the side, well this year was no different, On Wednesday we head to Manhattan to pick up the Rental, 1 hour in traffic on top of that it did a number on my bladder so I ask the Gentleman behind the counter Rest room please, sure across the street through the gate to the second floor... UGHHH lol I finish my business only to be texted they want to add more insurance to me which proceeds to put me over the hold limit on my card no no not happening again... Take it off I don't need it!!! He proceeds to hand me back my licence card and papers and I put my hand into my pocket for my wallet... and that's when the hi-jinx ensued... the wallet is not there, I look behind the counter on the floor in my wife's bag... NOTHING!!! Now a crowd has gathered and are staring... Me to my wife "QUICK RUN THROUGH THE GATE UP THE STAIRS SECOND FLOOR IN THE BATHROOM!!!" God bless her she takes off like Kid Flash... I'm Pacing and now sweating profusely... My cell rings... "I HAVE IT!!!" me "EVERYTHING IN THERE???" her "YES!!!"... Needless to say had the con tense of the wallet disappeared our trip would have ended before it began.

The Ride... We pack the car to the hilt having just enough room for us get to my brothers house where he tries to bring a box of his stuff... lets just say it didn't make it to Columbus... sorry Scott next year... 1 stop for gas another for the restroom... and we ran into Greg Jensen AT stop number 2... Thankful for my brother Scott as he helps lighten the Driving Load... all the while bumping to the 80's Music station lol... we pull into the hotel parking lot check in and unload and whats parked outside my room but the Jokermobile... WE'RE HOME IT'S MEGO MEET!!!

The Show... The biggest and best to date!!! Day 1>>> We say high to the early birds make arrangements with Steve and Brian as to when they need the girls to help out at the desk and start loading the table and I finally realize, when did I Accumulate all this stuff lol I didn't even make a dent before lunch at Steak and Shake... Which is a fantastic place to eat... Get back from lunch and the first thing I see is Paul Wassons Space force Saucer with Villain, I grab it off his table ask how much and say I'll be back with your money lol I wasn't letting that get away!!!... We proceed to set up the AJ Display and well my display did not go as planned BECAUSE... There were too many AJ'S as if there can ever bee too many AJ's, needless to say the display did not do the presentation any justice... But the AJ Field of Dreams set up was a HIT!!! It's 6 PM I haven't seen anyone else set up except for the people around me and they're closing the room and I haven't even gotten into the Mego Marvel bin... Talk about knowing how Berto feels lol
Day2>>> I make sure to roam the room and see who there is to see, shoot some bull, pick up what I need to pick up and AM ANCHORED TO MY TABLE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!!
Highlight of day 2 Making my pitch to Joel about Mego outfits... Let's just say it was a great discussion Taken very seriously and at the end quote from Joel "that's a great idea Kev" so keep your fingers crossed. Marty now comes by and we discuss what I had just gone through with Joel and to which he says "are any of these for sale" I really hope he didn't want to buy any because I had to say unfortunately "no this is my own personal collection"... The Mego Panel was AWESOME!!! The Auction a Success!!! even-though I failed to obtain the Space force AJ Saucer... The Bronx Dealer table an astounding success!!!

We now want to thank EVERYONE who made this trip the biggest and best in my opinion to date... Brian Heiler Steve Moore THANK YOU and I cant put that in any higher caps than I have, for continually making us feel at home for the entire 3 days you guys will never get enough credit for all you do and to have you guys stop by and thank me I was both Humbled and embarrassed. Till the next countdown to Mego meet 16 begins lol
Our crew My brother Wife and Daughter I could never do this alone I love you all!!! Our Table Mego Go Live crew, Scott Brown, Rachel Baker, Lou (Cannoli) Malagrona, Brothers and Sister what a blast!!! Roberto and Tommaso Ligotti It would never be a Meet without you 2 Brothers from the beginning! Rob Turner, David Lee, Paul Wasson, Bill Lawrence, Greg Jensen (First timer) Scott Arendsen, Chad and Sean Gordy, Austin Hough, Brue and Lilly, Robyn Adams, the team of Random Noir Scott Pierce and Ed FOREVER Family!!! If I have forgotten anyone shame on me!!!
Everyone who made a purchase at our table... Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Sunday morning we hit the road around 5:30 AM, I posted a goodbye on Facebook where I literally had to hold back tears... and proceeded to begin our trek back to our NY Family... It always stated it's never enough time it really isn't but somehow I think if it were longer it wouldn’t be better...

See you all on the Boards and on Facebook, We LOVE YOU ALL!!! TILL MEGO MEET 2020!!! PEACE OUT!!!

Jun 19, '19, 11:28 AM
awesome recap! This is why this show is so cool. It was started more as a club hangout, and even tho it has grown, the feeling of camaraderie is still almost overwhelming. And - btw - seeing your AJ project in person was just phenomenal. So cool to see all those outfits modeled on an actual figure and not just sewn onto cards. :hokay:

Jun 19, '19, 12:23 PM
Quite the read and entertaining.

Jun 19, '19, 12:37 PM
Thanks for posting this great run down. It wouldn't be making me without you. Again, we needed a bigger space for your AJ's. I think the meet should have a space for an annual display of something like this.

Jun 19, '19, 12:47 PM
Thanks for posting this great run down. It wouldn't be making me without you. Again, we needed a bigger space for your AJ's. I think the meet should have a space for an annual display of something like this.

Agreed. There was the display of 'Official MM customs' last year. It would be cool to have a space for a spotlighted collection or theme.

Jun 19, '19, 2:29 PM
The Meet wouldn't be the same without the Fiore clan. Y'all are the best, each and every one.

I still think Steak 'n Shake was your suggestion, glad I got to try the shake. Everyone had a great time at lunch and the waitress was so accomodating.
Also thanks again for all your encouragement and support for Team Random Noir.

Your AJ Posters were wonderful and generous as well.

Jun 19, '19, 6:43 PM
Great recap. I think I was so rundown Sunday morning AND having to get up at 4:30 A.M. it didn't really hit me until my plane landed home. Great to see as you guys as always. I would honestly LOVE to display my stuff but aside from flying is so much easier, I don't think I'd be able to sleep knowing it wasn't locked down in a display case. One minor advantage the toy museum had.

Thanks for posting this great run down. It wouldn't be making me without you. Again, we needed a bigger space for your AJ's. I think the meet should have a space for an annual display of something like this.