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Jun 17, '19, 9:28 PM
Now that the meet is in my hometown it is strange. Lily and I want to do a getaway weekend, but we are 6 miles from home.
So last year we arrived Friday at noon and stayed until Saturday at 6. That was not enough time. This year with the customizer Hall of Fame dinner we added Thursday. We arrived Thursday around 3 and stayed overnight Saturday night as well. This was probably one more night than we needed. Don't misunderstand, we loved all of mego meet. Next year maybe we will split the difference and go two nights.

When we arrived we had a chance to talk to John FArt, Jim H, David Lee, Chuck, Scott p, Austin, Ligotti bros and I don't know--- a bunch of people. Then we went for a swim. After that we headed to the dinner. We got to sit by Dan Pearson which is great since he lives so far away from me. Also we got to sit with one of the Hall of Famers Brian bossart and son Jackson. We also had new Yorker frank we had an empty plate at our table as well. About 45 minutes into the evening we heard up banging at the side door. After it continued I got up and checked. It was none other than Ed AKA Sam Noir: our missing table mate. Poor fella came from Canada hungry. We gave him salad. lemon squares and I took a bun from doc's table which Ed loaded down with butter. Lily was feeling a little down so we left before the dinner was over and went to my room to watch two episodes of Law & Order SVU and two of Black-ish. Good stuff.

Friday I rolled into setup and was very happy to see so many of the people that I love. Lily was supposed to come down right behind me, but at 10 I went up to find her still asleep. We went to Steak and Shake with about 14 other people including the Bronx crew Rob Turner Mike Conlon Chad and the Boy and a bunch of other Mego heads. The drive there was halfway back to my own house. That is a little odd. It is Steak and Shake- nothing exciting about it but it is decent food. And our waitress was super Pleasant and super hard working. Each time I go out to eat during mego meet I weigh out how much time it will be away from the meet. I really want to spend time with my Mego friends. That is why I go to meals away from the meet. Friday until five or six we talked to many people at our table and sold some of our junk. Lily started working on a figure to customize. Then we drove to Little Caesars, got Two pizzas and came back to the room to watch junk TV. I think modern family was on - and we watched Remember the Titans after mego suite. We took another swim and went to the Megos sweet. No one was there - so I set it up for community. (though as Paul C pointed out on night 2 - I did not acquire garbage cans or coolers). It was great to talk to squirrel Paul Clare Paul Wasson Mike c. Squirrel Maddie me go and Niki and Lonnie Christine the Bronx Brothers and whoever else was in there. The figure Lily was working on throughout the day continued to frustrate her in the suite. She decided to draw instead. She started with a couple of all items on the page oh, but then decided to sketch quickly people in the room. I took a photograph of picture it is below.
Andy, Squirrel, Lonnie, Niki, Scott, Chad, Paul C in the sketch

Saturday - the main event.

My table neighbor was Scott M. Great to have him there. I sold a bunch of my stuff. This is great because I am trying to eliminate items that are not displayed at my house AND I sold stuff equal to the hotel cost!!!!
Again Lily was a little tired and I dragged her down when I went to change into my Mego Tarzan clothes. 15 minutes after arriving in the dealer room as Tarzan I realized I left something at home I needed. I deliberated on going ho,e tp get it, but Lily reminded me it was integral.

So -Lily watched the table and I jumped in the Jokermobile and raced home (It was traffic free and only took 40-45 minutes roundtrip.) I check my Life 360 and noted I was doing 78 mph in the vintage bus.

What did I need? 3 Umbrellas. (I also grabbed 2 boxes of my younger daughters things to "sell" which I mostly gave away -though later I found out one item should have been kept -but she is fine with it)

Back at the meet Lily and I slipped out to change clothes.

This year's outfits were a ton of fun -yet simple. We conspired with Scott (PNGwynne) to be G.O.O.N.s. My friend from Columbus was going to be the 4th, but couldn't make it so I found someone who would have fun with it. --Sam Noir.

The GOONS wandered separately then came together just in time to fight the Batman.

Lily and I wore the outfits through the meet and continued to unload stuff on to others. Sometimes people think I am being nice in giving them something for Free, but I am really just getting it out of my house. Now Cristine has a handful of Eleanor's doll clothes and Trappy has a Predator VHS tape and i don't -suckers :)

I was sad the Batmobile couldn't make it, but was glad people could see my Jokermobile.

As always - I couldn't talk to enough people - at all or long enough.

I keep thinking of who I talked to - Cris DVM and Chris Earth2 and their daughters, Lee......

I almost always talk for a while with Doc - this year at the end I realized i hadn't. Always wan to talk to Steve moore more - but he is a man on a mission. Brian and Robyn were great to talk to briefly, but would have been nice to talk more.

I started the weekend talking to David Lee and end it the same. He was REALLY into talking vintage VWs with me and Jason. I didn't go to their presentation. Did I really miss anything?

I also missed Random Noir presentation - because they didn't give it.

I popped in and out of Marty, Joel, Doc presentation. I think I am too ADHD to listen to these if there won't be a test at the end. There wasn't a test was there?

I tried to encourage and enable kids to customize Fri and Sat. Then Sat at 3 I looked to get judging done. Jonah had to leave early - but then I realized the schedule said 4 and a couple entries weren't ready yet. So we photographed the early entry and waited on the latter ones.

Entries were from Maddie, Alice, Gabrielle, Jonah, Lily, Cip, and Niki. Charlie Flatt judged along with me and the past 2 years winners. Cap was the run away winner (RCHE's kid) with Spy vs Spy.

Saturday night Lily and I got boneless wings and breadsticks and watched Modern family. Then more Mego Suite. I got to play Challenge of teh SuperFriends with Sean (boy) and Scott. Lily and Jason also endured my carrying on. PS - I lost the game but grabbed some high point cards to cheat the score.

Saw the the Wayne Manor playlet built, talked with Mike and Paul and others then went to bed at a reasonable hour. We listened to a Star Trek OS episode and slept.

The load out was rough. Glad they had continental breakfast this year.

The drive home was long and hard. Well it wasn't long.

I didn't really buy stuff at the meet but Lily got me Super Powers Joker and Robin. I have my all white goodie bag "custom" (Jim Hampton supplied the belt), the new MM cards, some stickers for my Jokermobile, and 2 Art B comics for Eleanor.

Here are some pictures on my Google drive.
Does the link work?

Jun 17, '19, 10:35 PM
The bigger this thing gets the more "I didn't talk to this person" as much as I'd like seems to happen. As far as missing the least, not staying over Saturday night makes sense. Many people are starting their drives home/flying out early so Suite time tends to not only be shorter, some folks are already gone. I was there less than an hour on Saturday. Wanted to watch Chad build his Wayne Foundation which I did. Left after it was done as I was getting up at 4:30 A.M. to go to the airport. Since the Mego Corp. panel ran long several things got axed not only the Random Noir panel but the group photo. Great to see you again!

Jun 17, '19, 10:50 PM
My original post has been edited and I think finished.

Jun 18, '19, 5:43 AM
It was nice to share a table with you and Lily on Thursday night.

Jun 18, '19, 6:23 AM
I really wish I had gotten there earlier to be able to hang out with you and the other folks at my dinner table on Thursday. I really appreciate that you foraged some food for me.

Also thanks for inviting me to be part of the group cosplay. that was fun.

scott metzger
Jun 18, '19, 8:48 AM
Hey, neighbor! :) Great hanging out with you and Lily! And the Uhura I got from you is going to be used well (costume for a kit bash to go with my Treks, the figure for a custom).

Jun 18, '19, 9:27 AM
Love the sketch!

Jun 18, '19, 10:28 AM
Always a Pleasure Brue, We never tire of seeing the Van it was actually the first thing we stumbled upon as we were unloading as it was parked right outside our room lol... The sentiment is always the same... Never enough time to do what we really want to do and talk with everyone we want to talk with. Till next year!!!

Jun 18, '19, 9:14 PM
Whoa! I have been immortalized in a Lilly drawing!!? AWE!!!

It's always a pleasure hanging out with you two. It all goes by too fast :-(

Jun 18, '19, 9:45 PM
Wow! She's quite talented!

Jun 19, '19, 9:44 AM
Always fun to see you and lily . Always a pleasure to talk with . Batman will not rest as long as gons are around . Thanks mike