View Full Version : Tentative Saturday schedule

EMCE Hammer
Jun 10, '19, 1:15 PM
Always subject to change, but here's my best guess:

Saturday Schedule

Doors open to dealers at 8am

Doors open to public at 9am

First panel at 10am Cast-A-Way with Dave & Jason

Lunch Break following CAW

Second panel at noon - Mego Corp with Doc & Marty

Customs Auction 1pm or so following Mego Corp

Third panel at 3:00pm Random Noir

Kids Customs Contest winners announced 4:00pm

Show closes to general public at 5pm, mayhem ensues.

Jun 10, '19, 2:07 PM
Have we not done group photo since our first Skokie show? My memory stinks...I know we missed a couple, but can’t remember last years.

Jun 10, '19, 3:25 PM
I think we missed doing one last year in Columbus

Jun 10, '19, 3:45 PM
Yes we missed out on a photo 2 of the last 3 years if my memory serves me correctly

EMCE Hammer
Jun 10, '19, 6:24 PM
So what are you trying to say - y'all want a group photo? I am not anxious to document how poorly I have aged, but otherwise I'm all for it. Cameras will be out for the kids customs, so let's do it then? Other than Kev's makeup maybe running by the end of the day, I don't see any major issues.

Jun 10, '19, 7:57 PM
There has been no group photo taken during the two meets I've attended so far (last year and the first one in Chicago). Coincidence? I think not!

Jun 10, '19, 9:33 PM
Kinda glad to see the customs auction earlier in the day,

Jun 11, '19, 1:45 AM
I am not anxious to document how poorly I have aged

You look the same as you did 15 years ago when we met ;) Me...I've grown sideways :(

Jun 11, '19, 6:29 AM
group photo is always a nice momento for the occassion!

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone. Mego Meet is always a sea of friendly faces and joy.