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Jun 8, '19, 1:31 AM
I'll be bringing back many of the items from past years, but here are some new items for 2019 at the LaserMego table!

New onomatopoeia, Whamm!!:

"Flying" stand:

Space Helmets and Jet-packs:


Cheers Bar:

Light Up Signs (KISS and others):

Space Force!

Carded figures:

But they better watch out! Here comes the evil Overlord:

Space Force Flying Saucer and Comander (Mego Meet Auction item):

and more!

Jun 8, '19, 3:29 AM
Can't make it to the Meet, but I NEED the space helmet and jet pack!!!!!! Heck, I need TWO sets! Will they be available at your webstore after the Meet?

Jun 8, '19, 6:55 AM
looking awesome as usual Paul!

Jun 8, '19, 12:51 PM
Lots of Stuff coming to the Bronx as always lol Love the Flying Stand Bravo!!!

Jun 8, '19, 1:14 PM
Top notch as always, Paul. Good stuff.

Jun 8, '19, 4:57 PM
I'll be making a purchase. Great stuff!

Jun 8, '19, 10:34 PM
Terrific, as usual.

Jun 8, '19, 11:28 PM
I have that bar set and it is amazing. Makes a great alien bar scene display for Megos. Just need a Richard Pryor bartender but will settle for Isaac from The Love Boat.

Jun 9, '19, 10:00 AM
Everything looks great!!

Jun 9, '19, 2:55 PM
So many great inventions... but the flying stand and the spaceman stuff are my favorites. You never fail to impress.

Jun 9, '19, 9:11 PM
Space Force!

Carded figures:


But they better watch out! Here comes the evil Overlord:


Jun 9, '19, 9:17 PM
Paul raising the bar very high. Keep'em coming!

Jun 9, '19, 10:12 PM
WOW! You always have great stuff. But this is a step above.

Jun 9, '19, 10:53 PM
Those are awesome!!

Jun 10, '19, 4:24 AM
Wow!!! Nice stuff Paul!

Jun 10, '19, 10:14 AM
This is great.

Jun 10, '19, 11:31 AM
I hope some of this new stuff shows up in the store!

Mego Milk
Jun 10, '19, 1:26 PM

Jun 10, '19, 4:19 PM
I hope you bring a lot of helmets and jet packs. I bet they will be popular!

Jun 10, '19, 4:31 PM
Thanks for all the kind words!

I hope you bring a lot of helmets and jet packs. I bet they will be popular!

I am planning on it and I will be offering them on my store after Mego Meet.

Jun 10, '19, 5:31 PM
Cmon after megomeet, I have a custom that needs a jetpack in the worst way. :)

Jun 11, '19, 6:32 AM
That jetpack is just what I need to complete my Rocketeer custom!

Will you have round sunglasses? I'll need a pair of those. thanks.

scott metzger
Jun 11, '19, 7:04 AM
My eyes are saying, "Awesome!!!!" My wallet is saying, "Oh, the pain, the pain..."

Jun 11, '19, 10:54 AM
Loving Space Force and the overlord! Great ideas!

Jun 12, '19, 7:09 PM
Watch out, its the Evil Overlord:


Jun 12, '19, 7:40 PM

Jun 12, '19, 10:19 PM
Amazing the difference a costume change can make. Nicely done!

Jun 12, '19, 10:23 PM
Great choice. Definite vintage sci-fi movie serials feel.

scott metzger
Jun 18, '19, 8:44 AM
Couldn't pass by the LaserMego table without grabbing stuff. Got four different colored space helmets and matching jet packs (I have a definite feeling I'm going to be going on a Spaceman customizing kick next thanks to these). And the new thing I'm likely to be raving about for a while (anyone tired of my gushing about the Fantasticar, get ready for round 2): I got the meeting table/Trouble Alert from him this time. I've seen it on the site, resisted it for a long time. but having ti right there in front of me, my willpower evaporated. Still have to set it up, but it looks great, and each of the little red phones is a separate piece the heroes can actually grab so they can talk to Col. Wilcox. Definitely going to have to grab some extra chairs to go with it down the line...

Jun 18, '19, 11:24 AM
I was overwhelmed by the response to the new items this year. I was worried nobody would care about a generic line of space figures I made up (Space Force), but I was sold out of everything: carded figures, flying saucers, jet-packs and helmets. I also got a lot of nice comments on them that made me happy. The Mego community is so positive and receptive of my creative outlet that it really motivates me to produce more.

I do plan on offering the Space Force stuff up on my website once I get caught up on my back-orders.

Thanks again everybody! Mego Meet is always the highlight of the year for me and its because of all the great people!

Jun 18, '19, 1:29 PM
Really awesome stuff, Paul.

I have a custom request. Will PM you about it.

Jun 18, '19, 2:47 PM
Your stuff is simply genius, as always Paul. The Space Force stuff is a great deal of fun! I can only imagine some of the fun stuff you'll come up with in the future.

Thanks as well for your contribution to the belt insignia's on our Tetsujin Tiger 7 and Mirrorman figures, and my deepest and heartfelt apologies if I forgot to credit them to you.

And I need to also apologize about the mix-up with dinner on Friday night. I didn't realize Rooster's was a chain, otherwise I would have been more specific with an address/which one we were all goingn to. Glad we were able to hang out at dinner this year.