View Full Version : Jim's return to Mego Meet offerings

May 31, '19, 11:24 PM
So I posted a couple pics of the packaging on the FB page but figured this was the only place I could post what I am bringing to Mego Meet this year. These are what I call prototypes but basically what I'll have to offer. Just a few of each, plus one or possibly two other things I'm still working on . . . . time permitting. I've just started a new job and my wife and i are now custodians of our 6yr old grandson, so life's been a little crazy.

So I present Ghost Rider with base and Arkham Joker . . . .

25546 25547

Can't wait to catch up with you guys!!!

Jun 1, '19, 12:15 AM
That Ghost Rider is awesome!!

Jun 1, '19, 8:25 AM
Indeed it is, good work on both of them.

Jun 1, '19, 10:50 AM
Yeah, that Ghost Rider is bad arse. The flame work is tops!

Jun 1, '19, 11:01 AM
amazing as usual!

Jun 3, '19, 7:58 AM
Bravo!!! and good to see your return as well

Jun 3, '19, 8:18 AM
Those are super sweet...I see a chain theme here.

scott metzger
Jun 5, '19, 3:03 PM
Wow, those are amazing!!!!!!!!