View Full Version : Glad to be going back to Mego Meet after a 3-4 year absence!

Evel KMego
Mar 31, '19, 9:39 PM
Hello all! Been awhile since I've posted on the Museum. I've been keeping up with things on Facebook though. Can't wait to see some old friends like Berto, Tom, and Steve. I have seen Scott A at Toylanta the last couple of years. Also, wanted to announce that since you've seen me last I've started a side business with a friend making acrylic cases for collectibles. "Encased Collectibles" will have a dealer table at Mego Meet 2019! I will have cases for 8" carded and boxed WGSH as well as for 3 3/4" carded figures. Also, if you have any special requests or orders you can message me here or on our Facebook page - "Encased Collectibles"
Can't wait to see everyone!!!!!


Evel KMego
Mar 31, '19, 9:41 PM
More pics - 251752517625177

Blue Meanie
Apr 1, '19, 1:22 PM
It will be good to see you again at the Meet. Whole family? Either way it will be a great time as usual :)

Evel KMego
Apr 1, '19, 6:35 PM
Yes, I'm dragging my wife and kid with me☺️ My son is 16 now, changed a lot since you seen him last. I hear there might be a Charlie sighting as well?