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Feb 11, '19, 12:15 AM
RandomAxe/Scott and I are alway humbled and flattered by the continued popularity of our Custom Mego Meet Exclusives. We continually sell out of them as quickly as we can produce them. Your support means the world to us.

We're bringing back what is likely our last batch of The Officially Authorized E-Man Action Figure (with signed certificate of authenticity by co-creator Joe Staton), as well as our Jet Jaguar and Spectreman returning for a short-run encore (with different colour packaging).

The BIG news is, rather than just one new offering this year, we're bringing THREE. You've already seen the prototype Ultra7 and Tetsujin Tiger Seven on our table last year, but there is a surprise we'll be unveiling in due time. We'll also have a one-of-a-kind Stealth Suit Tetsujin Tiger Seven that we are donating to the Mego Museum benefit auction.


We'll be setting up pre-orders soon for in person pick-up at Mego Meet. We'll post here when we're ready.

Most of the heavy lifting production wise is RandomAxe/Scott, but we also need to give HUGE credit to our team of contributors, the Ocean's 11 of Mego Customizers, including megowgsh/Austin, Brazoo/Aaron, ScottA (and his wonderful wife Elaine), LaserMego/Paul, and CrimsonGhost/Andy. These are truly the Best of the Best.

BIG Shout out to Cast-a-Way/White Elephant Toyz/David Lee/Gaga4toyz-Jason for the high quality bodes that make our customs incredibly pose-able.

Feb 11, '19, 4:58 AM
Bravo!!! Always a treat perusing the Random Noir table! This year is no different.

Feb 11, '19, 1:32 PM
What a great line up: I'm certain the grouping is a dream come true for many specialized collectors. What truly Amazing professional work here. Be very proud of your team results. I'm always taken with anything that is finished off in a Kresge style packaging.

Brown Bear
Feb 11, '19, 4:37 PM
These look fantastic!!

Feb 11, '19, 5:39 PM
I also forgot to mention the most important member of Team Random Noir. Random Axe/Scott's mom, who helped out with some of the more complex sewing tasks.

Thanks friends for your kinds words, and I'm sorry to read in the other thread that our Grizzly Friend from the Eastern Provinces will not be joining us this year. Here is hoping that we can achieve quorum for the Canuck representatives in 2020.

Feb 11, '19, 6:24 PM
All-star efforts have efforts have produced All-Star results. Excellent figures Team Random Noir! I cannot wait to see the new reveal!

Feb 11, '19, 9:17 PM
Those are some beautiful figures, nice job.

Feb 11, '19, 10:01 PM
Those are amazing!

Feb 11, '19, 11:14 PM
These are always the best. Great figures and very professional.

Feb 12, '19, 1:51 AM
We realize Tetsujin Tiger Seven didn't air on North American TV like the other characdters. Trust Us, he's kind of awesome.

Here is the first episode of the TV show with english subtitles.



May 14, '19, 10:57 PM
When can I buy your Nexus figure? :cool_y:

Random Axe
May 15, '19, 10:57 AM
When can I buy your Nexus figure? :cool_y:

Not sure. We want to be above board if we go forward with this figure and have an agreement in place with Steve to really make the most of this opportunity. He's not currently on our schedule for 2019 but that is subject to change. That'll be a great figure once the details are worked out.

May 15, '19, 3:37 PM
These are pretty sweet Scott, bravo!!

May 15, '19, 5:45 PM
wow, these turned out great!

May 18, '19, 1:32 PM
Iím coming to Mego meet this year! Can I reserve these or are they sold out already? Brilliant!

Random Axe
May 18, '19, 7:36 PM
I’m coming to Mego meet this year! Can I reserve these or are they sold out already? Brilliant!

we will have extras of most and if we are honored enough to sell out of something we'll make more! plus there's still a couple of surprises we haven't shown yet...three more making their debut in Columbus

May 19, '19, 11:10 AM

Jun 3, '19, 10:18 PM
The Random Noir Mego Meet 2019 line-up:
Mirrorman, Tetsujin Tiger 7, Jet Jaguar, Spectreman, and Ultra7.
PM us if you are attending the Meet and wanting to reserve any of these guys!
Stay tuned for a couple of surprises.


Jun 6, '19, 1:41 PM
Shout out to the team... Austin, Aaron, Scott A and Elaine. Assembled and painted in the skilled hands of Scott P/Random Axe as always.
Built on a super-posable Cast-a-way body courtesy of Dave L and Jason S.




Adam West
Jun 6, '19, 7:25 PM
I am interested in buying a set even though I canít make it to Mego Meet. Hopefully next year. I am heading to Italy next weekend and will be gone for two weeks. Please PM me if I can purchase these. Thank you. Enjoy the meet!

Jun 6, '19, 10:46 PM
So cool!!! Another winner.

Jun 7, '19, 8:55 AM
They look so great together, teamOrific!

Jun 7, '19, 5:08 PM
What is your price on Jet Jaguar?

Random Axe
Jun 7, '19, 8:05 PM
What is your price on Jet Jaguar?

Justin, I think meet price on JJ is 80

Jun 7, '19, 8:12 PM
VERY limited Jet Jaguar variants. Firefighter and Medic from the TV show Godzilla Island.





Jun 7, '19, 9:11 PM
Justin, I think meet price on JJ is 80

Might hafta have one of those.

Jun 11, '19, 8:25 AM
I just needed to take a moment to give Scott/Random Axe, my partner-in-crime, a huge standing ovation for the amount of Random Noir Custom Figures he assembled and painted for this year's Mego Meet. We've consistently sold out of all our figures every single year and the amount of love and support you folks have shown has really inspired him to pull out all the stops with this year's offerings.


EMCE Hammer
Jun 11, '19, 8:29 AM
These look really clean - you guys just keep getting better and better.

Jun 15, '19, 7:56 AM
I've watched Scott's skill as a customizer grow over the years. This year I just HAD to have Jet Jaguar. Samurainoir and Random Axe are like Reese's cups. Two great tastes that taste great together, and this figure is top notch. As a fan of Tokusatsu/Super Sentai, I fell in love with their interpretation instantly.

I really would love to see MEGO officially license some of these characters, but if they don't, they're still in good hands.

Jun 16, '19, 1:50 AM
Great stuff
You guys rock

Jun 16, '19, 1:23 PM
Did anybody get a pic of Scott's setup/table?

Jun 18, '19, 7:54 AM
Thanks for your kind words and support! Scott/RandomAxe worked hard to fill our table at Mego Meet full of goodness this year. Here are pics of the table at the beginning of the show, it was much emptier by the end. We were blown away by the unprecedented support and praise we received this year from ya'll. You have our deepest and humblest gratitude.



We also need to give shout-outs to Aaron/Brazoo, Austin/megowgsh, Paul/LaserMego, Elaine and ScottA, Andy/Crimson Ghost for their contributions, as well as Jason and David for the Cast-a-way bodies.

Jun 18, '19, 10:40 AM
That fully stocked table is incredible.

I need to get my butt motivated and crank out some customs. It looks like a lot of fun, and I'd love to put my love of something like this out into the world.

Jun 19, '19, 2:32 PM
It appears that Tetsujin Tiger 7, Medical Jet Jaguar, and Specreman are sold out. There are a few where we might only have one or two left.

If anyone from the Mego Musuem is wanting any of the remaining figures, drop us a line here, or on our FB page.

Jun 19, '19, 2:42 PM
Was there an all black UltraSeven?

Jun 19, '19, 3:12 PM
It was the auction exclusive, I think.

Jun 19, '19, 4:02 PM
I think the auction was for a black Tetsujin Tiger 7. I saw a photo on their FB showing a single black Ultraseven costume.

Jun 19, '19, 4:59 PM
Hmm...no idea.

Random Axe
Jun 19, '19, 6:09 PM
That was the auction figure from last year.

Oct 17, '19, 9:35 AM
Hi folks, it's been a challenging summer, but after a ridiculously successful weekend tabling at Mego Meet back in June, we've finally taken inventory and have a small amount of our Mego Meet 2019 offerings available. PM me if you would like an Official E-Man (with certificate of authenticity signed by creator Joe Staton), Mirrorman (2 left), or the single Red Jet Jaguar variant we have remaining.

Random Axe
Oct 19, '19, 9:04 AM
Pretty sure we only have 2 E-man left and then I'll see what else is in inventory if anything.

Next year's plans are a bit ambitious but I'm starting now so I can have enough for demand and actually fill two tables. If all goes to plan we'll have well over 100 figures with FIVE all new characters plus the normal assortment of previous ones.

Again, thank you for the support for our stuff. This has been a fun ride so far with some great figures still to come.

Dec 8, '19, 8:27 PM

Random Axe
Dec 12, '19, 4:20 PM
Nexus won't be among the 2020 selection. We're just going to run out of time and we have too many others in the works and in various stages of development. If we can work on a good head sculpt we like, then it's a huge maybe. But anything like that would definitely be after the Meet.

Dec 13, '19, 1:24 PM

With that said, I did show Steve Rude our Nexus prototype figure at Montreal Comicon in 2018 (he even graciously signed it). He was open to the idea. IF we were to continue with our line of Ofiicial Indie Superheroes, it wouldn't happen until 2021 at the earliest, and this would certainly top our list of characters to pursue.

As Scott said, we're really passionate about our Japanese Heroes currently. Given the overwhelming success at Mego Meet (and online) with sell-outs for the past three years we've already got an ambitious slate of Toku and a couple of Anime characters which will keep us busy well into 2021.